Prospective Graduate Student Visit Program

The Prospective Graduate Student Visit Program has been designed specifically for the Faculties of Mathematics and Science, Humanities and Social Sciences.
Please review the guidelines below, complete the Funding Request Form and submit to 
We look forward to meeting with your students!


  • The Faculty of Graduate Studies will support student travel costs - up to $250 for students within Ontario and up to $500 for students from outside of Ontario - to facilitate prospective graduate student visits to the Brock campus.
  • Eligible students are prospects and applicants. This program does not apply for students who have already accepted our offer of admission.
  • Funding requests will be considered on a first come, first serve basis through the completion of the Prospective Graduate Student Visit Funding Request Form.
  • Each graduate program may receive support for a maximum of two students per academic year (MSc and PhD in the same discipline are considered separate programs).
  • The student visit itinerary should ideally include the following:
    -Meeting with the Graduate Program Director
    -Meeting with potential supervisor(s)
    -Tour of relevant labs/facilities
    -Meeting with current graduate students, including Graduate Students' Association if possible
    -Meeting with a representative from the Faculty of Graduate Studies (to discuss funding, application steps, etc.)
  • The Faculty of Graduate Studies Recruitment Officers are available to assist the graduate program and the prospective student with travel/visit information.
  • Travel receipts will be required.

    Download the Funding Request Form and submit to