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Applied Health Sciences
Are you interested in physical activity, sport, recreation, health and medical professions, community development, or fitness and wellness? If so, the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences has a program for you!
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Goodman School of Business
"What do today's business students want? Everything—engaging professors, top research, opportunities to work with professionals, high-quality classmates, classes that challenge their ideals, hard tests to complain about, and a guarantee that they are not wasting their time. Most of all, they want a job after graduation that they can be proud of." (AACSB website) If you agree with this quote then you need to seriously consider the Goodman School of Business at Brock.
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The Faculty of Education focuses on learning as a force of positive change. Grounded and theory and oriented towards practice, we are a community of learners having an impact on the field of education, our disciplines, the lives of our students, and the communities we serve.
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Brock's Faculty of Humanities is different. Here you will work with professors who approach traditional fields with outside-the-box thinking. Where else can you be a historian using computers to bring the past to life, or a philosopher researching both Eastern and Western thought? You will be able to travel to the other side of the world with your Classics professors to uncover ancient relics, be a part of a vibrant arts community, or study the languages and literatures of the world.
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Mathematics and Sciences
Do you love experimenting and discovering new things? Do you learn best through hands-on opportunities? If so, then the small class sizes in labs and tutorials in our Faculty of Mathematics and Science are exactly what you are looking for. At Brock, you will learn from, and work with, award-winning professors using state-of-the-art equipment.
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Social Sciences
The Faculty of Social Sciences offers many exciting areas of study and applies scientific methods to the study of human behaviour and societies. Our unique programs will allow you to combine traditional disciplines to create progressive study options. You will have the freedom to study what you want to, and explore the many interests that you have
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Co-op Programs
Co-op ProgramsBrock has one of the largest co-op programs in Canada, and boasts a consistent placement rate of more than 95 per cent. Co-op allows you to explore different career possibilities, discover what interests you, develop key industry contacts, and find the type of career that's right for you—a huge competitive advantage.
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Experiential Learning
Career ServicesYour success is important to us. At Brock, you can enrich your academic studies through a series of programs designed to build your skills and showcase your achievements. Specific programs such as Experience Plus and Med Plus will help you to track and record your experiences to give you an edge for your chosen career.
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Study Abroad
Have you ever wanted to discover another culture while exploring countries on the other side of the world? Or visit the places you have learned about in your classes? You can do all of this and more when participating in an exchange. Spend a semester or a full year studying at a university in a different country.
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Student Services
Student ServicesBrock's Student Services help support and promote the present and future well-being of students. They enhance student development and success through innovative programs, services and partnerships. They help to create a community that is accessible to all, one where diversity is celebrated and good citizenship is valued.
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