Student Awards and Financial Aid

Brock wants to invest in you!
We want to recognize your achievements and help you to meet your financial needs. Brock offers one of the best awards programs in Ontario, with guaranteed scholarships beginning at 80 per cent.

With a combination of Brock awards and bursaries, and available government support, we’ll help you to develop a plan to make your education at Brock affordable and manageable.

Admission Awards

Brock Scholars Awards

These awards are automatic for all incoming students entering their first undergraduate program directly from high school.

Admission Average (Final Grades)Amount of Award
93+%$16,000 ($4,000 each year)
90 - 92.9%$10,000 ($2,500 each year)
85 - 89.9%$6,000 ($1,500 each year)
80 - 84.9%$4,000 ($1,000 each year)

Transfer Scholars Awards are available for Ontario college graduates with an average of at least 85 per cent and 4.5 or less transfer credits.

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Specialist High Skills Major Award

Finishing a Specialist High Skills Major program? Graduates entering Brock with an admission average of 80 per cent or higher will automatically be awarded a $500 scholarship.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholars Award

If you’ve completed your IB program, you may receive an automatic recognition
award of $1,000, in addition to any other awards that you qualify for.

Apply for Student Awards

Brock offers numerous awards, scholarships and bursaries. You can apply to the vast majority of these awards through the Brock University OneApp. Applications for the OneApp close April 15, 2021.

Learn more about applying through the OneApp

How to apply for awards and bursaries

In addition to the awards available through the OneApp, there are automatic admission awards and prestige awards.

Learn more about automatic admission awards and prestige awards

Are you an international student?

Learn more about international scholarships and awards

Costs and Budgeting

Looking for specifics on university costs? Trying to figure out how much you’ll need to budget each year? Learn how much university will cost, and how to effectively manage your finances

Learn more about managing your finances

Student Loans

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

OSAP may help to pay for your education, and the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office at Brock University is happy to assist you with your application. You are encouraged to apply before June 30, 2021 to ensure your loan is processed on time.

For more information on the program, to find out how much assistance you can expect to receive, and to apply for OSAP, please visit

Visit the OSAP website

Jobs on Campus

Many students work part-time while going to school. It’s a great way to gain experience while paying for your education. There are a ton of opportunities on campus specifically for students.

  • Want to get some teaching experience? You could apply to be a teaching assistant for one of the many seminars offered at Brock.
  • Interested in physiotherapy? You can be a personal trainer for one of Brock’s varsity sports teams.
  • Are you a people person? You might make a great tour guide in Recruitment and Liaison Services.
  • Want to get some experience working in an office? We even hire students to help out in Student Accounts and Financial Aid.

Looking for a list of available on-campus and off-campus job opportunities?

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