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Choosing a post-secondary institution can be difficult.
Here’s why some of our best and brightest chose Brock.

We know that right now you’re deciding what universities you should put on your application, so we’ve gathered some exceptional Brock students and alumni to share their stories of why they made the decision to come to Brock.

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ZainZain Ibrahim

Current Student — Business Administration
I chose Brock because of all the opportunity the school provided. Whether it’s BUSU, student clubs, or student organizations, the opportunity to get involved and meet new people truly has no limits!

Sloane Empke

Current Student — Concurrent Education, Intermediate/Senior, English Teachable
I chose Brock because the second I got to campus I felt at home! There’s so much love and opportunity on campus as well as in the Niagara Region. The faculty are absolutely amazing and everyone here supports one another. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!

Anton Rodrigo

Alumni — Business Administration
Choosing what school you go to is all about finding the perfect fit. Brock is the perfect fit for a lot of people because you get a great experience on top of a great education. From jobs on campus, service learning projects (for real companies), and co-op I was able to use my business education while I was learning it.

My biggest reason for choosing Brock was that it offered all the resources I could ever use while still having a community feel. There are so many chances to naturally meet people that you could walk down the hall and not only talk to other students but professors and staff as well. Having the beautiful Niagara Escarpment in your backyard was an added bonus too. To this day, I not only use my Goodman School of Business education but all the life lessons and relationships I gained at Brock which I consider priceless.

JesseJesse Bonnar

Alumni — Sport Management
I chose Brock University because it made me feel like I was a part of something bigger than just a student attending university. Brock University is a community, which gave me the sense of belonging. At Brock’s Spring Open House tour, I was able to meet professors from the program I was interested in. Hearing from these professors gave me a strong feeling of importance and passion.

Overall, I chose Brock University because it has a very distinctive and recognizable program of Sport Management. Sport Management has a course-credited internship option that gave me the opportunity to gain work experience in the sport industry. Today, the Sport Management program has allowed me to accomplish so much success in this field.

AshleyAshley Lovnicki

Current Student — Concurrent Education, Intermediate/Senior, Mathematics and Biology Teachables
Choosing to come to Brock is one of the best decisions that I have ever made! What I truly love about Brock is that there are so many different opportunities and experiences here for everyone. I know that when you look into Brock you might see the word “Experience” a lot and wonder what that exactly means.

To me and many Badgers, experience is the ability to get involved in a variety of ways, whether it be through our over 100 clubs, intramural activities, volunteering and working on campus, experiential education opportunities or through the cutting edge courses we offer! For me, I have been able to get involved in all of those different things and it has taught me so much more than just the curriculum of my courses. Through getting involved both inside and outside of the classroom I have developed a myriad of transferable work skills, met amazing staff and students across our campus and been able to complete our Campus Wide Co-Curriculum (which is a way to optimize your Brock journey through a variety of different domains)!

DekkelDekkel Bachar

Alumni — Sport Management
Brock University opened my eyes to the world of sport and the various careers within the field. Not only did I make lifelong friendships throughout my time as a student, but Brock shaped me to be who I am today. Through this program I have gone on to travel the world and work for numerous National Paralympic Teams. Without my experience at Brock I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am a proud Brock University Alumnus and would say that choosing this school would be one of the best decisions you could make for yourself, your social life and your future.


Current Student — Concurrent Education, Junior/Intermediate
I chose Brock because I wanted to live away from home without being too far away. Living in the Niagara region, Brock allowed me to do that! I also was (and still am) very passionate about working with children and youth. Brock’s connections within the community allowed me to have so many opportunities to work with children in a variety of different settings. I was able to gain experience and confidence through community engagement. I genuinely feel prepared to have a career in the education field through the efforts of the professors at Brock and their commitment to my success.

Emma Boswell

Current Student — Medical Sciences
I chose Brock because of the ample opportunities for experiential learning. In my first year I had 3 different volunteer placements, 1 in the health care field, 1 in research and 1 for Brock itself. Additionally, I loved the welcoming atmosphere here and the beautiful campus that offers a range of residences.

Jacob Barker

Current Student — Sport Management
My decision to choose Brock was the easiest and the best decision of my life! The friendly vibe on campus made me fall in love with the school and the incredible reputation of the Sport Management program made me confident that I was making the best decision for my future!

Sydney Bartlett

Current Student — Medical Sciences
As medical school is my end goal I thought I needed to go to a school with a medical school attached to it. I later learned that the name of your school makes virtually no difference in applying to medical school and that going where you are truly happy and think you can perform your best is what is important.

The deciding factor for me to come to Brock, was coming across the Med Plus program. This program is unique to Brock, and aims to make you the best, most successful professional school applicant that you can be. In this program they bring in different health care professionals, give you access to amazing volunteer opportunities, and best of all prep and teach you from first year how to rock your med school interviews! Outside of academics I love the green space at Brock, the amazing entrance scholarships and the fact that your meal plan rolls over (I couldn’t find that in any other school). If you are like me and are looking at Medical school, I hope that you consider some of the opportunities that Brock has to offer, such as Med Plus in your final decision.

BethanyBethany Belcher

Current Student — Concurrent Education, Junior/Intermediate, History Teachable
I chose Brock because the second I stepped on campus for a tour, it felt like home. Every where else I went, something didn’t feel right, but Brock felt right, because it felt like home. Everyone was welcoming and friendly, there was no way not to love it here!

MadelineMadeline Mantler

Current Student — Medical Sciences
Growing up in the Niagara region I had visited Brock many times prior to applying for university. Perhaps it’s cliché but after doing a campus tour at Brock, Brock felt like home to me. I chose Brock University for many reasons, including it’s beautiful campus, amazing faculty, and student supports. My time so far at Brock has been nothing but wonderful, affirming my choice. Being apart of Brock’s Med Plus program has given me so many incredible opportunities and has opened my eyes to many different career paths. Brock is an awesome community and there’s always something to get involved with!

BrentBrent Dryczewycz

Current Student — Medical Sciences
When beginning to consider my plans for post-secondary education, I knew that health sciences was the direction that I wanted to pursue. It combined content from my favourite courses in high school, such as Biology, Chemistry, Kinesiology and Social Science, as well as my overall interest in people’s health and well-being.

I was unsure of where I wanted to go for school. I was strongly considering Brock University, which is my local school, as well as many other schools. I went to all of the schools to gather all of the baseline information about the school and the program. However, I found it difficult to distinguish the differences between what I would get out of my degree and my university experience at each school. I decided that out of classroom experience was what was most important to me. I wanted to explore my interests and discover new things, as I was very unsure of my future career path. I wanted to have the opportunity to volunteer in the hospital to explore medicine, in a lab to explore research and other areas. Therefore, I decided that I would focus my questions at the following open houses towards this direction.

Once I had the opportunity to go back to the schools and ask about experiential education, it was immediately clear that Brock University was the best option for me. The other schools were unable to offer guarantees of experiences in hospital, in lab or in other settings related to healthcare. Brock was able to offer me so much more. I discovered Brock’s Med Plus program, which has been hugely beneficial through my time at Brock. Through the Med Plus program, I was able to volunteer in a the cancer unit of a hospital right away and was volunteering in a lab as well by the second semester of my first year. I have also been able to job shadow many healthcare professionals in medicine, allied health professions and so much more. This has allowed me to explore my career interests and decide that Speech Language Pathology is the path for me. I owe this to Brock’s dedication to providing valuable experiences outside of the classroom to its students.

Megan Dalley

Current Student — Concurrent Education, Junior/Intermediate
Choosing Brock was one of the best choices I have ever made! Brock has allowed me to explore and try new things that I would’ve never thought of. With the various opportunities and experiences Brock offers I have made some of my happiest memories. Brock offers a lot of opportunities in academics, recreation and other extra-curriculars. Offering over 100 clubs, Brock has something waiting specifically for you. I have made most of my friends through participating in these great activities that Brock has to offer. For myself, Brock has shown such great support in offering resources to help me better my university experience. The faculty is great and always willing to support all students. Brock has allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and really enjoy my university experience. Brock University provides so much for its students in order to create such a strong community.

Dana Taylor

Current Student — Medical Sciences
I chose Brock because of their uniquely tailored pre-med undergraduate degree, and the ability to be part of the one-of-a-kind Med Plus program. The small class sizes allow you to build strong relationships with your professors, providing you with the opportunity to easily get involved in research. The plus programs extensively immerse you in your dream field (Law, Health care), hearing weekly from leading professionals in the field and getting you hands on experience to make you stand out from all post-graduate applicants.

In just two years, Brock and Med Plus have assisted me to have multiple volunteer placements (Hospital, Canadian Blood Services, Brain Injury Community Re-Entry), shadow live surgeries, attend a medical mission trip to Ecuador, and start a new club. If you are looking to maximize your student experience and education, Brock is the place!

VictoriaVictoria Dewar

Current Student — Sport Management
I chose Brock due to the immense opportunities available for experiential learning. While studying Sport Management, I have been able to volunteer with on-campus teams, community sport organizations, and professional organizations. Each of these opportunities came as a result of an email with information being sent from the program’s Experiential Education Coordinator. Every chance to volunteer has allowed me to expand my network within the sport industry and will help me immensely with employment after graduation.

YarnieYarnie Shahparast

Current Student — Bachelor of Accounting, Co-op Option
Brock is a University of various opportunities! Whether you are part of Goodman School of Business or the Faculty of Mathematics and Science there are many clubs and teams to showcase one’s leadership, talents and skills.

I chose Brock for their exceptional program for those interested in pursuing the CPA designation in which just like a workplace you do not want to be just a number but a valuable part. On top of a regular student schedule there is so much opportunity to shine and stand out with amazing student governed clubs and athletic teams to help get you one step closer to your final goal!

Brock recognizes students and their voices as each academic/co-op advisor makes sure that you as a student is successful!

AnushkaAnushka Lalwani

Current Student — Neuroscience
I chose Brock because it’s where I felt at home. After touring a number of other schools in my grade 12 year, stepping foot on Brock’s campus for Spring Open House made me feel calm, invited, and supported. I was able to talk to students and faculty from the Neuroscience program as well as other co-curricular programs I wanted to participate in (Med Plus and the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society) and knew this is where I wanted to be. Everyone was so kind and seemed genuinely happy to be a part of the Brock community. Fast forward five years, and everything I thought then still remains true. Brock is absolutely my second home and a place I will cherish forever because of the people I was able to meet and the things I was able to achieve.

Ahmad Pasha

Current Student — Business Administration International Dual/Double Degree
Brock University literally took me around the world and enables me to get two degrees in the time that it takes to get one. Further, I’ve been fortunate enough to work at some of the most exceptional organizations across the globe; from governments and central banks to multinational tech firms. Going to Brock University also gives you access to everything the Niagara region has to offer. If you’re willing to put in the work and maintain discipline, Brock University really can take your personal and professional development to new heights.

BillBill Huynh

Current Student — Business Administration, Co-op Option
I chose Brock because I truly feel that Brock also chose me. When I first stepped onto campus for open house in 2018, I felt welcomed right away. My past 2 years at Brock have been nothing but amazing. In my time here, I have met so many great people, established valuable connections, and have learned so many things. My biggest advice is to get involved! Extracurricular activities teach you so many things that go beyond the classroom and you gain skills that stick with you for a lifetime. Brock doesn’t have the largest campus but it’s just the perfect size, as everywhere you go, you’re able to see friendly faces and even if you don’t know them, the students at Brock always have a smile on their faces. Brock University is truly a home away from home.

KaitlynKaitlyn Tabet

Current Student — Business Communications
I chose Brock because of the inclusive atmosphere and the way the campus made me feel. When walking around the campus I automatically felt at home and that I could get use to being in this place for my four years. I loved the option to do an internship with the Business Communications program in fourth year to give me experience in the workplace before graduating.

Reet Chahil

Current Student — Computer Science, Co-op Option
I chose Brock to study computer science because it also offered the opportunity to gain work experience through co-ops. The co-op option helps me gain experience and build my network before I graduate. I am also a varsity athlete on the Men’s Wrestling Team. Brock has the best wrestling program in the country and it was the perfect place for me to train and become a better athlete.

WilliamWilliam Ord

Current Student — Sport Management
From a general standpoint, I knew Brock was a great place when I walked on the campus. The campus had a welcoming aura to it, and it almost felt like it was its own little town within St. Catharines, especially since it was located right on the Escarpment. When choosing Sport Management, I always knew that I wanted to pursue sport as a field of study, but I didn’t exactly know what careers I wanted to pursue. Within the program, there’s lots of opportunity available to push your boundaries, challenge yourself, and discover your desired niche in the industry. For me so far (as I’m only in my second year), clubs like the Brock Sport Management Council and various experiential learning opportunities with Brock Sports have been a big help with my growth as a professional and as a person. Everyone has a different style and path that they want to take, but if you push yourself and take risks, then you’ll be able to get the full experience Brock has to offer.

KaileneKailene Jackson

Current Student — Political Science & Sociology, Beginning September 2020: MA in Political Science (International Relations)
I actually chose to go to Brock twice – once for my BA and then again five years later for my MA. When deciding where to go for my BA, I was a local student who planned on living at home so Brock made the most sense. Brock made me feel welcome, safe, and at home right away. I’d done summer camp, swimming lessons, and seen plays at Brock before so I had some familiarity with the campus and had lots of positive experiences. Little did I know, this seemingly pragmatic decision turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

During my undergrad degree, I formed relationships with friends that became family, professors that became mentors, and a community that became my home. I loved my classes but I also loved the student life outside of the classroom. I joined many clubs (for example, Model UN) and was able to gain leadership experience in executive positions. I worked two jobs on campus at A to Z Learning Services and Student Life & Community Experience. I attended tons of events, volunteered in the community, became a student rep, went to conferences, and took in as much of the Brock experience as I could. Fast forward five years later, when applying to other MA programs at different universities, I realized I didn’t want to leave Brock. I chose to stay at Brock for my MA for a number of reasons including the support of my department and the professor that is now my supervisor as well as the amazing community I have around me at Brock. Brock truly is home and I am so excited to spend another year here!

AngelicaAngelica Pangilinan

Current Student — Sociology
Being born and raised in Hamilton, I chose Brock University because it had fit everything in what I wanted for university. It had friendly staff and students that made the transition to University much more manageable. It was close to my home city, provided so much support with any of my questions and gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted. I was able to easily learn individuality and responsibility because my schedule was on my terms. Especially with my major, I can honestly say I love all my classes because the content is exactly what I had hoped for it to be and more. The Professors and TA’s were understanding and supportive for whenever I needed it. My favourite part of Brock is the community, BUSU and other clubs have created a welcoming environment and endless opportunities to get out there and meet people. Brock University works hard for the betterment of the students and that is why I chose it!

DevonDevon Hall

Current Student — Medical Sciences
I chose Brock University for multiple reasons. I found that the campus was very welcoming, everyone who I spoke to with questions about the school were very understanding, and personable and the unique Med Plus program offered. Not many schools that I toured crossed off all the boxes for me but Brock definitely did. I am very grateful to have completed my first year at Brock University as I have created very strong relationships with new friends and my advisors.

MeganMegan Brown

Alumni — Medical Sciences
As soon as I visited campus, I knew that I was going to call Brock “home”. No matter what your passions or interests are, Brock provides a wide variety of unique experiences, both inside and out of the classroom. Brock has an overall positive atmosphere and strong sense of community that has been built through collaboration with students, colleagues and community members. The smiling faces and willingness of people to help one another truly makes Brock a great place to be.

Throughout my courses, there were ample opportunities to put textbook theories into practice, which enhanced my overall learning experience. Co-curricular experiences such as Med Plus allowed me to explore a variety of health-related career options. BLCS provided me with an outlet to connect with like-minded leaders to inspire change both locally, and globally. Being part of these groups allowed me to grow as a person, make lifelong connections, and gain valuable skills that I now use in the world of work.

Colin McCaughey

Alumni — Concurrent Education and Graduate Studies (MA)
After 7 years at Brock University, I can say that the experiences and knowledge I have gained I would not trade for the world. The community feel of Brock was something that became apparent to me the moment I walked onto campus, and more importantly, you are treated as a person, not as a number. Honestly, whenever I am in the schools I teach at now, I proudly wear my Brock colours.

The reason I chose Brock was the top tier academic programs that were provided. This obviously works hand-in-hand with professors that are world-renowned and respected in almost any faculty you find at this university. You are here to gain an education, but you will receive more then this if you do decide to come to Brock.

Go Badgers!

JoshJosh McKernan

Alumni — Sport Management
For me, choosing Brock was not only about the institution itself, but also about the programs offered. The Sport Management program has given myself and so many others the opportunity to learn and develop the essential skills necessary to have a long-lasting and successful career in the sport industry. Let’s just say that there is a reason why so many students who have shared their stories are SPMA students and alumni!

Its not ALL about the books! Brock also offers many intramural sport and recreational options. In my first year, I reached out to other SPMA classmates and organized intramural hockey and softball teams. Not only were these games a blast to play in, but it also helped me meet and learn about other classmates and to build life-long friendships. You never know, a classmate may become a colleague down the road.

Sarah Chan

Current Student — Accounting
Having attended events at the university throughout my years in high school, I knew early on that Brock would be my school of choice. The transition from high school to post secondary can be difficult, but Brock is there to support you every step of the way. There are so many opportunities for growth both academically and through extracurriculars. From a welcoming campus to amazing faculty and students, Brock truly made my first year of university unforgettable!


Alumni — Geography
I chose Brock because it was close to home and the entrance bursaries and scholarships were generous. At first, I was upset that my parents didn’t let me go to a larger university. But going to Brock turned out to be the best choice I could have made, because my professors were available for one-on-one conversations during office hours, which allowed me to get to know them personally. By third year, I was contracted as a research assistant for two of them! When it came time to apply for my Master’s degree, they were able to provide me award-winning reference letters, because we’d worked together so closely. Also, with the money that I’d saved by living at home the first two years, I was able to study abroad on ISEP exchange in the Netherlands. The multi-cultural and international opportunities that opened to me through Brock were really valuable.

AlexandraAlexandra Vitmane

Alumni — Business Administration International Dual/Double Degree
I chose Brock because of the Business Administration International Dual/Double Degree program. There is really nothing else like it available in Canada. The opportunity to get two degrees in just four years was the reason I chose Brock, but the lessons you learn while living abroad for a year and a half are more valuable than the degrees. Brock has a wonderful international exchange program, but six months abroad is really not enough time to immerse yourself in another culture. The Dual/Double Degree program allows you to benefit from setting up a strong foundation while at Brock, and learning how to thrive on your own while being in Germany.


Current Student — Physical Education
I chose Brock because it has an amazing program with a ton of activity-based courses where you get to apply the theories you’re learning in class. The experiential learning I have been able to complete while at Brock has been a highlight of my university career. I have volunteered at Power Cord for 2 years now, originally for a class and then I just stayed on because I loved it so much!

KateKate Gottli

Alumni — English Language & Literature, Minor in Professional Writing
In 2002, I applied to my top 3, and was accepted into them all. I remember how stressful of a decision it was, since all schools had great programming and options. How did I know what I was going to pick would be the right choice? The BEST choice?

Well, it’s 2020 now, and I graduated with Honours from Brock in 2007. And I’m so glad that I chose Brock. It absolutely was the best choice. The Niagara Region is such an amazing place to live, and since graduating I have been able to find jobs locally that are relevant to my degree.

I received a significant number of student awards that went towards my tuition. I loved getting involved on-campus with all the extra-curriculars, and I spent an awesome 4 years working at The Brock Press. I know that the campus and the region have changed a lot in the last 16 years, and I know it’s been for the better. The Goodman School of Business expansion, the Cairns building, and the amazing MIWSFPA has been bringing so many amazing minds into our community.

Choosing Brock will allow you to grow and flourish into the person you’re meant to be!

Natasha Fortuna

Current Student — Business Communication
I chose Brock originally because I am from Niagara and I wanted to stay close to home. Even though I was living off campus, Brock felt like a second home to be and I became a part of the Brock community. I can’t say enough good things about my experience at Brock throughout my last four years. My academic advisor was beyond understanding and helpful when I wanted to change my program in my first year. I feel comfortable talking to all my professors and TAs. I love showing my school spirit at basketball games or other events. Brock also provides endless opportunities for its students, from sports to experiential learning, awards, or community involvement. I’m a proud Badger, and i’m going to be an even prouder Badger alumni when I graduate this spring. It’s through my experience that I wish to continue to support the school by continuing to attend events as an alumni, or send my future kids to Brock camps.

Krista Dafoe

Current Student — Concurrent Education, Intermediate/Senior
In all honesty, the primary reason I initially chose Brock was my ability to attend university while living at home to reduce the expense. However, I also chose Brock because of their Concurrent Education program. Brock’s Concurrent Education program equips students for their profession from the beginning of second year which basics beginning in first year. Further, the additional qualifications that Brock offers are recognized all throughout Canada, rather than just in Ontario, which is unique to Brock. So, they are really giving us the best opportunity that they can. Beyond that, Brock is an amazing community and there are so many ways to get involved and feel included, even though I live at home!

Joseph Fadare

Current Student — Business Administration, Co-op Option
Brock equips you with all the resources needed to be successful ranging from tutoring services, academic advising, co op advisors , outstanding professors who are always willing to help you 1 on 1 if you are willing to put in the effort and a great education in a extremely collaborative friendly environment.

Annilea Purser

Current Student — Political Science
I chose to attend Brock because it offers an experience that is unlike any other. From the personable professors, to the endless resources that the school offers, Brock truly feels like a community that is developed around student success rather than unnecessary competition and stress. Because of this, I have been able to excel both academically and socially within my first year of University.

ConnorConnor Sclater

Current Student — Concurrent Education, Physical Education Teachable
I chose Brock because out of all the universities that I had been interested in and visited, Brock just seemed like the PERFECT choice! I can’t really put it into exact words, but ever since my first time visiting Brock it just seemed much more welcoming and intriguing than the rest. The students at the time were kind, the tour guides were awesome, the food was great, Professors seemed genuine and knowledgeable, and the living accommodations appeared to be top-notch! Additionally, the campus is beautiful and the perfect size for me: not too big, but not too small. It is just right! Even more, Niagara Falls has always been one of my favourite places to visit, and the University is only a short 15 minute car ride from the Falls! The location, appearance, students, Professors, and residence are the main reasons why Brock turned out to be the perfect school for me!!

Tavleen Kaur Marwah

Prospective Student — Bachelor of Science – Sciences
I chose Brock mainly because of the vast range of opportunities and experiences that are provided by the faculties at the varsity, be it be related to academics or the co-curricular activities. My desired major is Medical Sciences, and not all other universities have that major and that too counts as a reason as to why I chose Brock. It was not my dream university from the start, but as I started filing my applications, I came across Brock. When I explored the university through virtual tours, read about the events and activities taking place, and the Brock community whole-heartedly participating in them, it struck me that this university is the one for me and I actually started to day-dream about me being a part of it in near future.

I felt an instant connection with it. Whenever I come across any event taking place or for instance, when the Badgers won against Ryerson University recently in basketball, I felt like my family won the game. The feeling of being a part of this university really gives me the jitters (in a good way). Since I have become a part of it already, my next short-term goal is to wear the traditional red Brock t-shirt. Not to brag, but even my family loves the university and madly follows each and every Brock University account on Instagram. I’m really excited to join Brock this year!

CharmiCharmi Shah

Current Student — Medical Sciences
I always had plans of completing further education after my undergraduate degree, so I thought of my undergrad as something I had to go through to then get to my end goal later on. However, after my first day at Brock, I immediately realized how incredible my next four years will be. I loved the welcoming atmosphere and people. Early on, I was able to speak to the co-curricular Med Plus program staff and students, from who I received a candid look at how my years at Brock will be, which was very helpful. Brock had the most inclusive atmosphere from all the universities I toured.

My time at Brock has been filled with amazing professors, caring staff that want to see students succeed, getting involved and making life-long friendships. Brock has been able to foster my professional and personal growth more than I ever imagined and these have been some of the best years.

NivedithaNiveditha Sethumadhavan

Current Student — Business Communication
As an international student, coming to Brock was a lot more than simply choosing an education — it meant choosing a new country, a new home, and a whole new life. At Brock, I got to be a part of unique experiences inside and outside the classroom, that have enhanced my leadership skills, made me a better academic, and brought life long friends into my world. As a Business Communication major, I got to be a part of the Communication, Popular Culture and Film Student Society and take part in case competitions that helped me network and connect with industry professionals, setting me up for future success. With professors who are keen and engaging, coming to lectures and participating in seminars was highly rewarding.

Outside my program, I got to explore my passions as a dancer, public speaker and advocate through the many clubs and opportunities offered by the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU). During my 4 years here, I got to visit the United Nations Headquarters in New York 3 times, professionally compete in a province-wide dance competition annually, and oversee a $13.5 million organization full-time in my fourth year as the Vice-President, External Affairs of BUSU.

Coming to Brock taught me that nothing is impossible. I received an excellent education, grew as a person and chased my passions – all while having fun. If I could do it all over again, I would choose Brock, always. If you are looking to be a part of a community of that has your back, pushes you to excel and supports you through it all, look no further – it’s time to make Brock your new home.

Nicole Tefoglou

Alumni — Business Communication
I chose Brock University as its Goodman School of Business was ranked among the best in Canada. The first time I visited, I instantly fell in love with the friendly culture, school spirit and beautiful campus. St. Catharines is the perfect city for everyone – whether you like to hike, go out downtown or try a new coffee shop or restaurant – there is always something new to do or see.

Throughout my time at Brock, everyone from my academic advisor to my teaching assistants to my professors were easily accessible and eager to help their students succeed. It was a unique experience to learn in a smaller, more collaborative learning environment from professors who were both well-respected and world-renowned experts in their designated fields. I am forever grateful for the lifelong friends and successful career that I have as a result of attending Brock. Choosing Brock University will give you that home in which to grow your personal, social and professional life.

Colleen Simons

Alumni — Business Administration, Concentration in Operations Management, Co-op Option
I chose to attend Brock University’s Goodman School of Business because of the quality of the business education I could receive. I appreciated being able to take general business studies for the first two years of my education, and then being able to choose a specialization for the remainder of my studies. The Goodman School of Business is also AABSB-accredited, which really impressed me and allowed me to choose the best school to meet my needs. The opportunity to complete three four-month work placements through the Co-op Office (I ended up doing one full year, as the terms and studies were very flexible) which helped me gain real-world experience and line me up for the job I have now. I also had the opportunity to participate in many different extra-curricular activities to enhance my educational experience. My time at Brock was fantastic, and it really lined me up for the rest of my career.

ManpriyaManpriya Arora

Current Student — Business Administration, Co-op Option
Initially, I debated a lot between Brock’s BBA and a similar program offered at another school; however, visiting Brock’s campus once was enough to convince me that this was where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. The welcoming atmosphere, the culture, the cozy residence buildings and the beautiful campus made me realize how Brock could be my home away from home. Visiting the campus also helped me realize how much Brock values its teams and extra-curricular groups, and as someone who loves getting involved I noticed all the things I could do with my time here. Watching the place come alive after a team wins medals, or participating in an extra-curricular group that treats you like family assured me that I made the right choice by coming to Brock!

ArushanaArushana Sunderaeson

Alumni — Political Science and Media and Communication Studies
The minute I stepped onto campus for Open House I knew Brock University was the perfect fit for me! I fell in love with Brock because it allowed me to use both sides of my brain. Brock encouraged me to not just use my academic side but to also use my other side which is filled with passion that I could use outside of the classroom. I was able to get involved with student campus clubs and BUSU which allowed me to network with community members in the Niagara region and where I developed my skills. The feeling of walking into Brock was similar to being home, I met friends throughout my time that I still keep in touch with and the support of professors encouraging me to keep on going even when times are tough was what made Brock the best experience I have ever had. I honestly miss my time at Brock and it was the best time of my life. Without Brock I wouldn’t be where I am today living my dream in the city of politics, Ottawa and working for Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) an organization I have admired throughout my time at Brock.

EmmaEmma Evans

Current Student — Political Science, Concentration in Public Law, Minor in History
I chose Brock because I immediately felt at home there. Everyone I knew who went to Brock was just so happy with the school. It is a university and it is going to be hard no matter what, but all my friends at Brock compared to those elsewhere enjoyed school so much more. As a student four years later who got involved with BUSU, Model United Nations, had an internship and joined a number of clubs, I can sincerely say I have had the best four years and was so happy throughout it all! The faculty is incredibly supportive, the student union is very involved, and students have each others backs. It made completing my degree much more enjoyable.

AshleighAshleigh Doyle

Alumni — Business Administration
When I think back to my university days, I think most fondly of Brock. I can say this because I attended three (yes three!) post-secondary institutions before settling in on Brock as the fourth and final – three Ontario universities and one Ontario college. (That’s not to say I didn’t have some good experiences at the other three.)

I did not live on campus, so it was a struggle at first to feel as though I was part of the Brock community. I attended classes and tutorials and left campus immediately after. I found a posting for a Brock Business club executive and applied. My eyes were soon opened to the opportunities that this university provides! All of a sudden I was running my own student club and found a fabulous supportive group of young leaders to spend my on campus time with. I began spending time between classes on campus and found many wonderful people to spend that time with.

The support I received from students and Brock staff was second to none and when I graduated back in 2010 – I left with much more than a piece of paper! My involvement with the Brock community gave me leadership skills, confidence and lowered the anxiety I used to feel.

You hear the words “get involved” a lot – and truer words have not been spoken. I loved Brock and continue to be involved with experiential learning as an employer through the co-op department. I highly recommend this university both as a student who has something to compare it with and as an employer of Brock students each year.

Heather McFarlane

Alumni — Sport Management
I was not accepted in to the Sport Management program on the first round of acceptance letters. I was offered acceptance in to another relevant program at Brock. Before making my decision to go to Brock, I connected with the academic advisor to see what my options were to transfer in to the program down the line. He was incredibly helpful and laid out all the options I had in front of me. All this support just to transfer out of the program he supported, and all before I even accepted my offer. I knew right there that even if I wasn’t in my dream program that the people at Brock would do what they could to provide the education and experiences I needed to set me up for success in my career aspirations.

Brock is a true community. You will be welcomed with open arms on your first day by people either helping you move in to your residence room or just there to help answer your question while you navigate campus. Know that if you choose Brock you become part of that community and you’ll have every one of us there to ensure you are setup for success and continue to have success long after you leave campus.

Nicholas Kathen

Current Student — Recreation and Leisure Studies, Therapeutic Recreation Specialization
As someone who went to college before university making the step to transfer Brock was a huge change wasn’t sure if I would have been able to transition due to everyone else already having friends and social groups. This wasn’t the case as the people who go here are genuinely nice and the professors and staff care about you succeeding in your program.

From being at Brock I have also had the opportunity to work for the University in the Alumni Relations and Conference Services departments while studying where, and I was able to make more friends from work. I’ve also had the opportunity to become a student athlete by being on the Brock Dragon Boat team for the past year where I was able to represent Brock at different races and competitions. Looking forward onto the next chapter of my life I’m hoping to come back to Brock once again to do my Masters in Social Justice and Equity Studies.

AaronAaron Wexler

Current Student — Kinesiology (BKin)
My name is Aaron Wexler and I am currently a third-year study in the Kinesiology Program. One of my biggest worries going into post-secondary education was only being acknowledged as another number feeding money into the school, I did not think I would have the opportunity to get to know my professors and more importantly my professors get to know me. This was my reasoning for choosing Brock over some of the bigger Ontario school and I can confidently say that this was the best decision I have ever made. The professors and teaching staff are very involved with their students and look to improve their experience however possible.

As a student at Brock, I have been able to capitalize on opportunities such as joining the Kinesiology Students Association, writing and editing for an academic magazine, organizing and participating in a Faculty wide mentorship program, working as a student athletic trainer for varsity athletes and working as a volunteer to assist individuals who have sustained spinal cord injuries with exercise and physical activity and more!

In order to be admitted to the popular/competitive programs such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, athletic therapy and occupational therapy, high marks are essential. However, once you achieve the marks needed for the program, the additional experience gained throughout your undergrad is what will set you apart from every other student applying for the same program from every other school.

Brock University is a phenomenal post-secondary school institution and truly wants every student to be successful, the key to being successful is the ability to work hard and take the opportunities as they present themselves as early as you can!

Matthew Hodgkinson

Current Student — Kinesiology (BSc)
I chose Brock because of the experiential opportunities for Kinesiology students like the varsity student therapist position and all of the great clubs like KSA. I was also interested in becoming a don because my parents were both Brock graduates who said it was a great experience.

TeghanTeghan Hinksman

Alumni — Concurrent Education, Intermediate/Senior, Mathematics Teachable
I knew that I wanted to go to Brock University from the first time I heard about their Concurrent Education program. It was well established and had a great reputation. I also knew that their math program had a cutting edge technology component to it, Math Integrated with Computers and Applications (MICA). Now that I knew what program I was interested in, I wanted to see the campus to explore the services and residence, as well as chat with those connected to Brock. I know it’s cheesy to say, but it was a feeling when I stepped onto campus. Situated at the top of the Niagara Escarpment, Brock had so much to offer and so did the Niagara Region. The staff who welcomed me to campus were so enthusiastic and thrilled for me to be there, it really felt like home. And now, 7 years later, I still have that same passion for Brock and chose to continue my experience by working for the university! I am so happy that I said yes to my admission offer and did my confetti dance – what a great 7 years it’s been!

Rachael Nalunga

Current Student — Nursing
Honestly, before I joined Brock, I wasn’t sure what I was in for but then I did – thankfully – and my goodness, it’s a decision I will never take back. There are lots and lots of opportunities for student involvement and I found most of mine on a site called ExperienceBU. There are more ways to be involved than you could think: I fell in love with the CultureFests at the International Centre that are organized every month, Conversation Partner programme, knitting club every Thursday. I also fell involve with the CareerZone and BUVA that are organizations on campus that help you get ready for the world after university. Brock University is an all-round university that does it’s best to avail you with all these opportunities to not only be the best you you could be in your studies, but in all these avenues you’d never thought possible.

PoojaPooja Shah

Current Student — Public Health
I am an international student from India. When it was my time to choose a university I wanted to get into I was pretty clear for some specific ones. But then I discovered about Brock and the program they provided me – Public Health with Co-op. Brock’s concept of experiential learning intrigued me and I searched more about it. I got to know about the employment rate of Brock students after their education. So I opted for Brock. After my enrollment, Brock always assisted me from course registration to accommodation help. The International department helped me when I got here. So far I am happy and satisfied with my experience at Brock and look forward to more exciting things to happen.

JacquelineJacqueline McGee

Current Student — Business Administration, Law Plus
I was very nervous about choosing a university. I went on a few tours and nowhere seemed nearly as welcoming as Brock. I also loved the possibility of the opportunity to be in Law Plus. Brock has many great supports to help you feel confident in your decision and your opportunities here are endless.

RebekahRebekah Feld

Current Student — Medical Sciences
I chose Brock because the moment I stepped on campus I loved the feel of it. I also saw that there were so many unique opportunities offered, such as Med Plus, and some of the highest entrance scholarships offered! Brock has been the most amazing experience and has opened so many doors for me that I truly believe I would not have come across in any other situation.

Brock has opened up numerous volunteer opportunities on campus, providing eye opening and hands on experience. I am currently involved in research within a lab under the department of Health Sciences. Through this connection I was able to apply for and receive an NSERC USRA grant, allowing myself to further pursue research with the ultimate goal of attending medical school. I can’t speak any higher in regards to the continued support of fellow students, advisors, professors, and coaches at Brock University. My experience has truly been amazing and I look forward to continuing my education at such a prestigious institution.

Larissa DellaVentura

Current Student — Medical Sciences
I chose Brock University for the variety of academic and experiential learning opportunities that are available. From a young age, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, and when I learned about the Medical Sciences program I was immediately intrigued. My positive experience with Brock began immediately upon seeing the students’ enthusiasm and passion for learning and was further enhanced in the way they helped students navigate the transition from high school to make it as smooth as possible. Professors are also very approachable and are always available to help students succeed. In addition, Brock also offers a wide variety of resources to support students in any way they need including A-Z Learning Services, Career Zone, and the Student Health Wellness and Accessibility Services.

I am also a member of the Med Plus program, which is an experiential learning program, unique to Brock University for students who are interested in pursuing careers in healthcare where students have the opportunity to learn from and network with healthcare professionals through speaker sessions, volunteer placements in the community, and job shadow opportunities. Being a member of the Med Plus program has allowed me explore new opportunities and has truly enhanced my overall academic experience by learning skills that can only be gained through experience and I would recommend it to any student who is interested in healthcare. Each academic program at Brock University now comes with an experiential learning component similar to the Med Plus program for students to gain first-hand experience and explore various career opportunities in their respective fields. In summary, I have truly enjoyed my experience at Brock University and I would very proudly recommend Brock to prospective students!

JamilaJamila Eve-Cann

Current Student — Sciences
I am an international student and a transfer student from Bermuda. I attended a community college first then transferred to Brock. My transition was quite easy since the International Student Centre gave me everything I needed to know about Brock and the Niagara Region. I chose to attend Brock because their community is small and friendly just like my home country. Brock has so many amazing opportunities from student clubs to volunteer options to internships.

With those opportunities I was able to get involved with Brock Christian Fellowship, Brock University’s Volunteer Association, and Badger Brigade. I have met some wonderful people who I know I’ll still be in contact with once I graduate. Brock University truly cares about their students. They have resources that can help with your academics and mental and physical health. The Professors and TA’s are very helpful. They have office hours you can attend to ask questions about course material and they will assist you until you fully understand it. Brock really wants all of their students to excel academically and that is why my time at Brock is an experience I will never forget!

ZoeZoe Gagnon

Current Student — Neuroscience, Specialization in Neurobiology, Co-op Option
As a student from the Niagara Region, there were so many amazing factors that encouraged me to choose Brock University for my post-secondary education. Throughout high school I had so many amazing experiences at Brock, from competing with school teams to conducting research through the Brock Science Mentorship program. From my first experiences on campus I knew that Brock would be the place for me.

As a first year student in the Neuroscience program, I have come to know many of the faculty members who have helped me to navigate my way through first year. I know that choosing Brock was the right decision for me because of the amazing support the Brock University community provides, not only academically, but socially as well. Many of my professors, advisors and lab coordinators have made time to help me with school work, offer me advice, or help me to learn more about the many experiential learning opportunities that Brock offers. I chose Brock because I knew that in such a caring community, I would have the best university experience possible.

MiriaMiria Pelletier

Current Student — Concurrent Education, Intermediate/Senior, History and Math Teachables
I found the decision of choosing a post-secondary institution difficult, but with one tour of Brock, I knew that I would be a future Badger. Brock is a mid-sized campus almost in it’s own little area that’s surrounded by nature and trails. Coming from a small town, I found that the close-knit community at Brock was where I felt most comfortable. When I arrived at Brock as a first year, I immediately felt welcomed. There were so many groups that went out of their way to plan events during orientation week that allowed me to become familiar with the campus and meet many new friends. This helped to make the transition of moving away from home a lot easier.

Professors and teaching assistants at Brock go out of their way to help their students. They make themselves available to meet, and support their students in anyway that they can. I truly feel that the professors at Brock genuinely care about their students and help them to reach their goals.

I also like that Brock has a variety of different sports and clubs to fit all students. Being involved with the Brock University Undergraduate Historical Society has allowed me to meet many new friends, share my passion for history, and plan events for other history students.

AshleyAshley Giroux

Current Student — Recreation and Leisure Studies
I remember how easy it was to choose Brock as my second home! I knew that by choosing Brock, my life would be changed for all the right reasons, and I have not looked back since I set foot on campus. Brock is big on experience, and by having so many events, opportunities and chances to grow, I knew that I would thrive here. This school has helped me to create friendships, community, and a positive environment to thrive in. To this day, I have completed 50% of my Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum, have taken part in many workshops, events and additional courses to enhance my learning, and even have some amazing opportunities on campus to showcase my leadership and love for Brock. This place is home, and I have been able to be myself, love every part of this school and strive for greatness. After all, that’s what the “BrockU Experience” is all about!

MaddieMaddie Walinga

Alumni — Concurrent Education, Junior/Intermediate
I chose Brock for many reasons. The first being a well-respected and established Faculty of Education. I knew I wanted to be a teacher and Brock’s Concurrent Education program was a perfect fit. It’s a great way to combine your undergraduate degree with your Bachelor of Education degree. The program gave me placements in schools and education/teaching-specific courses from year 1. If you know you want to be a teacher, this is the program for you. Next, Brock is a small school with the resources of a large one. I always loved the feeling on campus, and I would always run into someone I knew in the hallways. That community feel doesn’t happen at every university. It’s something special. Although Brock is a mid-sized university, it has fantastic state of the art facilities. Their intramural program especially was one of my favourites to participate in, from outdoor and indoor soccer to coed softball to underwater hockey. Tons of great ways to get involved in this great school community! Lastly, Niagara is a beautiful region to live in. Lots of culture, things to do, places to see and a great climate. I got hired as a French Immersion teacher with the DSBN right after graduating and have settled in the region and couldn’t be happier. Brock sets you up for success in so many ways. I highly recommend!

FredFred Chamaa

Current Student — Business Administration, Co-op Option
I chose Brock University and The Goodman School of Business for a few reasons. Their co-op experience is second to none; providing their students guaranteed admission into the co-op program in their very first year. Throughout my tenure, the co-op department always maintained an open line of communication. They responded with accurate and accommodating solutions to any questions or concerns that I had.

Brock offers their students the “Goodman Difference”, providing the support and opportunity necessary to succeed academically and professionally. Joining the Goodman School of Business will differentiate yourself among your peers. Brock University does a great job in creating strong relationships with reputable employers. Through workshops, seminars and networking events Brock provides their students an opportunity to land a co-op placement that best fits what they’re looking for.

I can confidently say that Brock University exceeded my expectations and I am proud to call myself a badger.


Alumni — Physical Education
I chose Brock because from the moment I stepped on campus, it felt like I was entering a close knit community. A connected campus made me feel like my peers and I were always just a step away. This was super helpful to me as I made the difficult decision to move 6 hours away from home to attend Brock. My program allowed me to build amazing connections and have fun while learning. I always felt like I had someone there for me, whether it was a friend, a classmate, a professor, or a member of the BUSU team. This experience at Brock changed my life and I am forever grateful!

Jordan Black

Alumni — Concurrent Education, Intermediate/Senior, Mathematics Teachable
My five years at Brock University were some of my best. I was able to make life-long friends, and gain valuable experiences such as Brock Dance.

KaraKara Morrison

Alumni — Concurrent Education
Brock is more than just a place to study and learn. Brock is a place that feels like home. From the minute I walked onto campus in 2014, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. Brock is a place that allows you to grow, a place where your experiences go well beyond the lecture halls; BrockU is a family that you are proud of be apart of. If you choose Brock, you won’t regret it. Proud to be a forever badger!

AmandaAmanda Balyk

Current Student — Concurrent Education, Intermediate/Senior (2018) & MA History (Current)
I chose Brock for my undergraduate degree initially because I was local and not ready to move away. I chose to remain at Brock for grad school because of its incredible learning environment. Professors genuinely care about you and want you to do well, small class sizes allow for you to get to know your classmates, professors, and TAs personally which increases comfort level. Brock has so many resources on campus that bolster student success and student wellness (i.e. A-Z learning, student counselling, etc.) I’ve spent 7(!) years at Brock as a student between my undergraduate degree, teaching degree, and master’s degree and I don’t regret it for a second.


Alumni — History and Psychology
I chose Brock because it was the right size school and location for me I terms of distance to my home town. Not too far and not too close! When I attended the open house, I instantly felt as though I was part of a community. Everyone was so welcoming and willing to lend a helping hand! The professors and experiential learning was a plus!

ZainZain Virani

Alumni — Master of Business Economics (Co-op)
Brock is one of the very few universities in Canada to offer a graduate program in Economics with a Co-op option. Among these few universities, Brock stands out for the interdisciplinary nature of its MBE program that allows candidates to take electives within the Goodman School of Business. These two factors combined made Brock a very easy sell for me. As a proud alumni of the Brock family, I’m pleased to say that Brock surpassed my expectations in every way possible, be it its exciting campus life, my culturally diverse MBE batch mates, or the outstanding faculty of the Department of Economics.

James Symons

Alumni — Recreation and Leisure
I wanted to a school close to home and one that was not so big. Brock was amazing. Faculty and staff get to know you on a personal level. You are not just a number. I learned so much in the class room and outside of the classroom. I have since started my own charity and credit my Brock experience for my success.

LaurenLauren Gerger

Current Student — Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
I chose Brock because I wanted to experience life on my own and on campus. I could not stay at home and commute every day as it would be too far for me, so Brock was one of those choices that I needed to live on residence or off-campus. I wanted to experience living on my own at this point because I had already done 3 years in college and have commuted all 3 years. I was tired of it and wanted a change. Other than choosing Brock because I wanted to be more independent, I also chose it because of the smaller campus as I know it takes me awhile to find out where classes are, etc. with Brock being a close community, and small university, it seemed like the right fit for me. After one year with living on residence, and two years total of going to Brock so far, I am really happy with the choice I made and it has helped me grow as a person tremendously.

ErinErin Peister

Alumni — Concurrent Education, Primary/Junior
I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher. I was one of those “cliche” kids who taught school to her toys and always had to be the teacher when playing with peers. Having a life long dream of being a teacher, I knew I wanted to to participate in a concurrent education program. I applied to Brock because their Primary/Junior program was a degree in Child and Youth Studies, combining so many different disciplines together, but all of them were focused on children. I am a big believer in trusting my gut, so when the time came to visit the schools I had been accepted to, I trusted that I would just know which school was right for me. When I visited Brock, my fate was sealed. I remember looking at my mom saying “this is it” and her starting to cry. Brock felt like a community. Coming from a small town (Kincardine, ON) I really liked how it was just Brock encompassed in its own community. It was big enough to have everything you need, yet small enough that you can walk around and see people you know, people were friendly, and there were so many opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. Choosing Brock is one of the best decisions I could have made. Seven years after graduating some of my best friends are my roommates from university and it prepared my so well for my current Grade 1 classroom.

Peter Armata

Alumni — Concurrent Education, Intermediate/Senior, Physical Education Teachable
For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for pursuing a career as a high school educator. Once the time came to choose the Post-Secondary institution that would best suit both my educational and personal needs, while ultimately preparing me with the necessary skills along my journey towards a career in education, it became only natural that Brock University would be the perfect fit for me. The Concurrent Education program at the school is widely regarded as one of the best in the province, producing highly skilled educators that currently practice top level pedagogy in schools all around the world. Brock University also holds a special place in my family history, as many of my family members are former student alumni from various programs at the school, including both of my parents who actually met while attending university and living in DeCew Residence.

It was an honour for me to be able to continue our rich family tradition of attending Brock, as my time at the University was truly unforgettable from both a personal and professional standpoint. The education and real world experience I have received throughout various placement opportunities is second to none and has helped me develop into the confident, well rounded, professional educator that I am today. The various professors that I was able to learn from, both at the St. Catharines campus in my undergrad years and at Brock’s Teachers College in Hamilton, are some of the world renowned leaders in education that make it their goal to instill in every Teacher Candidate the very same passion for students and learning that they all share. From a personal standpoint, Brock allowed me the opportunity to move away from home, meeting different people from all different backgrounds and experiencing new facets of adult life that I never would have been able to imagine before. I enjoyed every minute of living in St. Catharines, whether that was on campus in my first year in DeCew Residence (following in my parent’s footsteps once again), or living in student housing off campus. The city truly brings a small town feel to a bigger city, offering plenty of opportunity for students to get out and experience all of the fun and beauty that the Niagara region has to offer. It was here at Brock that I was able to meet the people who have become some of my best friends for life, including especially my wonderful girlfriend of 3 and a half years. I am forever grateful to my experience at Brock for bringing each and every one of these special people into my life and changing it for the better forever.

So what would I say to all of you considering Brock as your University of choice for the next 4+ years of post secondary education? I would tell you whole heartedly that choosing to attend Brock is a decision you will not regret. The reputation of the University continues to grow amongst employers across the country, as I myself am sitting here writing this as certified Supply Teacher who was hired by two different school boards this past April before I had even graduated from teachers college. Employers know the kind of quality and well rounded individuals that Brock University takes pride in producing, and you too can benefit from being another proud Badger alumni. Beyond the professional development, you can also achieve tremendous personal growth through the experiences and individuals you will be exposed to throughout your time here at Brock. Your experiences as a Badger change the course of your life for the better, as they have for myself, my colleagues in the field of education, and many of my friends and family members. I wish you all good luck on the next chapter of your educational and personal journeys. I hope that Brock becomes a home away from home for many of you as it is for each and every one of us alumni members. Surgite!

Anton Leung

Alumni — Child and Youth Studies
The Brock community is second to none. During my time at Brock, I developed incredibly relationships, both personally and professionally. On my very first day, I met some incredible people through residence (which prompted me to return and work for residence for the entirety of my undergraduate degree). I also had the opportunity to develop relationships with professors, professional staff across campus, and my academic advisor. The child and youth program offered many choices in terms of courses and I was able to diversify my knowledge. The classes I took have directly impacted my future as I find myself connecting the knowledge I learned, to my career in teaching. My time at Brock can’t be summed up by my campus life because the greater-Niagara region also contributed greatly to my experience. The opportunity to explore all the local and popular sites around the region was one of my favourite things to do with friends. I felt a sense of home at both Brock and in Niagara and I encourage everyone to experience all that it has to offer.

Louise Lesser

Alumni — Bachelor of Early Childhood Education & Masters of Education
I loved how small it was. It is surrounded by forest and not a busy city. The program was small, and the professors were very well versed in their field. I also really liked the hands on; it made transitioning from college smoother because I still had a hands on component to my learning.

JonathanJonathan Wong

Current Student — Business Administration, Co-op Option
When I first walked onto Brock’s Campus in 2016, I was amazed at how welcoming and friendly everyone was towards me! As a prospective business student, I felt at home when walking through the halls of the campus. Knowing that the Goodman School of Business expansion was underway, I wanted to be a part of that development from day one. I later decided to check Brock’s campus two more times where I was able to talk to current students about their experiences, one in particular who made me feel well at home. After that warm welcome, I finalized my decisions to attend Brock and couldn’t be happier with my decision! While in first year I was walking down the halls back to residence and had spotted that one student I had met months earlier which he remembered me by name! He later decided to take me under his wing and open a host of opportunities Brock was willing to offer and never looked back!

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity of being on a varsity club team, travelled around the world through an exchange, and now I’m currently on a co-op work term with my dream employer! All of these are thanks to Brock’s dedication to providing each and every student with the best opportunities to excel!

With the Goodman School of Business expansion finally complete, and myself going into the final year of my degree, I look back at that one student who made the difference in my Brock experience. To all hopeful Brock Badgers, don’t hesitate, become part of the Brock family!

DianaDiana Chan

Alumni — Business Administration International Dual/Double Degree
I choose Brock because of the unforgettable university experience I would have. Applying to the dual degree program was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Not only was I able to earn two degrees from two universities in four years, but I was able to learn and gain invaluable lessons and experiences. I am grateful that Brock University offers such a unique opportunity. I was truly able to live the best of both worlds by studying in both Canada and Ireland. This program is the complete undergrad package with top-notch (AABSB-accredited) education, co-op options, an exchange, and the ability to participate in many extra-curricular activities!

SukhwinderSukhwinder Gill

Current Student — Business Administration, Marketing Concentration
At first, I didn’t believe Brock was the right choice for me. But what I did realize is that I have all the resources and more to establish a successful career. From the faculty to the student body here at Brock, it has been always underrated! Now since you are reading this and want to know how to make the most out of your time here at Brock University, my advice is to get involved and put yourself out there. Ever since I got involved in student clubs I have expanded my network with current students and alumni and have had the opportunity to even represent Goodman on the international and national stage many times. The Goodman School of Business has the most enhanced student association structure available and a network that is responsive and dedicated to the success of current students! If you want to make your dreams come true and want to meet individuals of the same nature, come to Brock and see for yourself!

EveEve Nyambiya

Current Student — Political Science
Becoming a Brock Badger was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Brock University allowed me to unlock my potential and create long lasting friendships with memories I will never forget. Going to the sports games and cheering on your school with your friends, to travelling to different countries with your best friends are experiences that Brock University can offer to you!

Initially, I chose Brock University because their Nursing program had clinical placements in their first year which would allow me to gain more clinical experience. Over time, I realized that I had other passions which lead me to the Political Science program. Brock University offered me a lot of support to make this transition very easy.

If you are looking for ways to enhance your student experience, Brock University is the place to be. Over the last two years, I made sure that I became involved in a many clubs as possible!

My first involvement was with Aftershock Ministries in which I gained new friends from people of the same faith and developed a solid support system for other students as well regardless of religious beliefs. For students who want to continue to stay in touch with their faith, Brock University has plenty of clubs that will allow practice your religion in a safe space.

I also became involved in a lot political clubs as well. This year will be my third year as the Social Science Faculty Representative for the Brock University Administration Council (BUSAC) . Being a member of BUSAC allowed me to serve the student body and showed how our student union strives to support our students, by helping students develop clubs and funding them as well. I loved being on the committees as well because it allowed to gain insight on the operations of our student union as well. It was pleasure to be a part of clubs policy committee and finance and sustainability committee and make a difference for the student body.

I was afforded the opportunity to travel as well. Being a member of Women in House allowed me to spend the day on Parliament Hill with a female Member of Parliament and see what it is like to work in our nation’s capital. Model United Nations allowed me to travel to New York City and stay in Times Square for 5 days! Not only did I get to sit in the United Nations General Assembly, but I also got make friends from all across the globe and experience first hand what is like to solve global issues!

Working at Brock as its perks too! Working with the Student Life Department allowed me to gain professional networks on campus and within the community. It was privilege to have been able to help plan large scale campus events for Welcome Week and Frost Week along other fun campaigns! If you are looking gain meaningful skills and experience, I would recommend working on campus!

Going to Brock University is the best decision I have ever made! Brock has offered me extraordinary experiences that allowed to venture outside of my comfort zone and make unforgettable memories. If you want to gain more than a degree, Brock University is the perfect place for you!

ThaniyaThaniya Jeyachandra

Alumni — Business Administration International Dual/Double Degree
Deciding where to go for post secondary education is definitely a tough choice.

I chose Brock because of the unique program it offered. Nowhere else would I have had the opportunity to earn two degrees in 4 years, while also being able to complete a co-op term here in Canada and abroad in Germany. The program allowed was me to learn new things, grow my network, immerse myself in a new culture, and make lifelong friends. I had the chance to not only learn the theory from great professors, but also develop my interpersonal skills. Having this extended international experience while in your undergrad, gives you an edge once you graduate and enter the workforce. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone going into business; it’s an experience of a lifetime.

Aside from the program itself, Brock has so much else to offer. It has a strong sense of community. I made amazing friends through the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society (BLCS), and gained hands on experience through the Brock Marketing Association. Whatever it is you enjoy, I would highly recommend getting involved and to make the most of your experience.

Jonathan Lopes

Current Student — Game Design
I chose Brock from the feeling I got when I first stepped on campus. From the welcoming staff to the modern buildings, Brock felt like my home away from home. My program also offered a unique take on Game Development. Brock offers many outlets for every student, from over 100 clubs, to intramural and varsity sports, and much more. I look forward to going to class every day.

BrittanyBrittany Giles

Current Student — Physical Education
I felt that Brock was the perfect fit for me the moment I stepped onto campus. My dad’s side of the family grew up in St. Catharines and I never had the chance to fully experience the Niagara region and thought it would be a great opportunity. Brock is very big on experience and providing students with the opportunity to explore their potential/future career paths. Being in the Physical Education program has been an absolute dream for me, I have had the opportunity to work with so many different individuals varying in age and learning styles.

Brock also allows for you to be apart of much more. I am one of the Brock Sport Medicine students and have met many amazing and driven individuals, who have made my experience at Brock just more enjoyable. I also had the opportunity through BSM to network with individuals who work at different levels of sport; (national, provincial, OUA) to help me create lasting relationships that will help me in my future. Brock is the place to be I promise!


AniqahAniqah Zowmi

Alumni — BSc in Neuroscience, Neurobiology Stream & Master of Arts in Social Justice and Equity Studies
I loved my experience at Brock so much the first time around, I returned for a second helping! What set Brock apart was not only the way that the academic system was set up to foster independence through a strong support system, but also how students were encouraged to embrace their talents and interests outside of their studies. It was this non-competitive encouragement towards reaching my full potential that led to my years at Brock being the most formative, particularly as they related to my personal and professional development. In the years since I started at Brock, I have had many opportunities to travel the world, engage in leadership opportunities, create grassroots organizations, lobby for policy changes – and I can concretely and definitively point the source of these opportunities to my time at Brock.

WilliamWilliam Gatchalian

Current Student — Bachelor of Sport Management & Master of Arts in Applied Health Sciences (Sport Management)
I decided to pursue the Sport Management program at Brock University because with its exceptional reputation and established alumni network, I felt that it would provide me with the best opportunity to achieve my dream of working in sport. This is the reason why I chose Brock, but the reason I decided to stay was not because of the curriculum or reputation. The reason I stayed, and why I am returning to Brock for my Master’s degree, is because of the community, the experiences I was provided in and out of the classroom and most importantly – the people. Without our caring professors, attentive support staff and genuine students, Brock is just another university – a bunch of empty hallways. But it is this caring and supportive community that makes Brock so special and why it continues to create lifelong friendships, cherished memories and most importantly – it is why I consider Brock University my second home.

Spencer Mason

Alumni — Business Administration International Dual/Double Degree
I chose Brock because of the amazing student and alumni network and for the opportunity to move abroad through the university’s incredible partnerships.


Current Student — Child and Youth Studies
Brock made me feel a sense of home right away in first year (2017), with so many so many activities and clubs to join and such a welcoming environment. Choosing Brock gave me a sense of being away from home but still being close by. As well, being a child and youth advocate, my program has allowed for me to grow and be involved and gain experience within the community. I am so grateful for being a student at a university that truly cares for each individual.

Kristen Nilsen

KristenAlumni — Bachelor of Business Administration & Masters in Education
When I was making my decision for university, I was looking at Accounting or Business programs. Brock had everything I was looking for when I made my decision, a strong Bachelor of Accounting program, and a co-op option. It wasn’t until I was making my final decision I realized how important the co-op option was to me, as I knew working in the industry would really help me to understand if I could see myself in that field when I was finished school. Visiting the campuses also helped me make my decision, and Brock was small enough that it didn’t feel overwhelming or impersonal, but big enough that you didn’t feel like you were in one space every day. It really felt like the place I should be. Other schools I considered didn’t satisfy my major deal breakers like Brock did. During my 2nd year I decided to switch to the Bachelor of Business Administration, as I realized there were other areas of business that I was interested in (that I hadn’t been exposed to in high school). Academic advising services made the switch easy, and co-op was able to accommodate my switch to BBA Co-op so I could still gain work experience.

My biggest piece of advice to students is to engage with the services available to you to assist sooner rather than later whenever you have questions! The departments available to assist students in the Brock journey truly care about the success of their students.

My time at Brock was so memorable, and I made last friendships during my time living in residence and being engaged in student clubs. I can truly say the student services and extracurricular activities I utilized at Brock shaped my career journey post university, and helped me develop a strong network and lasting friendships.

JamieJamie Sewerniuk

Alumni — Bachelor of Education in Adult Education
The subsequent degree in Adult Education allowed me to gain the skills I needed to pursue a job in adult education, assisting those who need access to education options through online and distance education. I have since pursued graduate studies in the field of Adult Education. My experience at Brock allowed me to gain valuable skills and knowledge to grow and develop.

AshleyAshley Harold

Current Student — Business Administration International Dual/Double Degree
For me personally, I chose Brock because of the Dual Degree program because of how unique it is. Being apart of the only program of this kind in the country is an opportunity that I could not pass up. Since stepping onto Brock’s campus for Fall Preview Day three years ago now, I knew that I would fit right in. Being in the Goodman School of Business gives you the opportunity to be apart of so many clubs within the Business Students Association. Goodman Clubs have taken our teams to amazing places like Chicago, Florida, Quebec, British Columbia, New York City and so many more to compete against the best of the best schools. These opportunities are ones we will all cherish forever and allowed for a bond to be created that could never be broken. Brock University has not only given me the skills, knowledge, and education to be successful but the memories and friends to last a lifetime. The most important thing to remember in maximizing your university experience is to get involved and any student that has done this (including myself) will give you this advice, time and time again. If this sounds like something you want to have in your university experience, Brock is the place for you.

Rupaali Kumar

Alumni — Concurrent Education, Intermediate/Senior
After attending Fall Preview Day in Grade 12, I knew that Brock was the school for me. The overwhelming sense of community made me feel like I was already a Brock Badger. As I reflect on my 5 years as a student at Brock, I can definitely say that I have grown academically and personally with the help of my amazing professors, my on-campus jobs and the lifelong friendships that I have developed. Even 2 years post graduation, I tell everyone how much I miss Brock! It’s safe to say that I would choose Brock again in a heartbeat.

Neal Sengupta

NealAlumni — Accounting, Co-op Option
Guaranteed co-op made me choose Brock. It seemed like a great way to try out accounting before having to fully commit to it. Having had the opportunity to obtain experience in industry (in Germany) and at the Big 4 (in Toronto), the experience alone was worth it!

Leanne Karat

LeanneCurrent Student — Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing, Co-op Option
I chose Brock for it’s incredible co-op program. Being a part of the co-op program has given me an opportunity to learn about my industry in a hands-on way. On my work terms I was able to put my academic knowledge into practice, grow my professional network, and get 16 months of work experience for my resume!

Lauren Turner

Alumni — Bachelors of Business Administration, Concentration in HR, Co-op Option & Masters of Education
I made the decision to join Brock not once but twice during my educational studies. As a graduate of the Business Administration, HR Concentration, Undergraduate Co-op program I originally chose Brock because the campus made me feel at home. My classmates and professors were amazing and enrolling in the co-op program allowed me to secure great co-op placements that helped launched my career. I chose to return to Brock to complete a Masters of Education of program in 2015 and it has truly excelled my career. Thanks Brock for everything!

Josephine McGregor

JosephineCurrent Student — Sociology
When I chose and started at Brock, I knew practically nothing about it having come from Alberta. But over my last 4 years, I have come to love and learn so much about Brock. It is such a closely knit community, you could even say family, located within the larger community of St. Catharines and Niagara Falls. I have many friends from so many other universities across the country that talk about how their profs and their schools don’t care about them. That is not the case here at Brock. The professors, the TA’s, BUSU, and the university administration all show that they care about us and our wellbeing. If I had to redo university and got to choose between going to Brock again or going to a different university, I would definitely choose Brock with absolutely no hesitation.

Angela Oppong

Current Student — Business Administration International Dual/Double Degree
I chose Brock because of the Dual Degree program and how unique it is . Being apart of the only program of this kind in the country is an opportunity that I could not pass up. Brock provides you with an outstanding education as well as the experience you need to back it up. With one of the largest co-op programs in Canada and a range of experiential and creative learning opportunities, you’ll graduate prepared to be a leader in your community and in your career. Brock University works hard for the betterment of the students and that is why I chose it!

Amileigh du Toit

AmileighAlumni — Sport Management, Minor in Labour Relations
I attended Brock from 2015 – 2019 and can’t imagine having a better four years of university. When I first attended Brock in the July before first year, walking around the campus made me feel nervous but super excited. I always knew I wanted to attend a smaller scaled University, and being on campus that day just felt right and I could picture myself being there for the next four years. The friendly faces, positive environment, and the highly rated student experiences I had heard about, brought me nothing but happiness for selecting Brock University. I was also on the Varsity Swimming team all four years of my undergrad which was in itself was an experience I would encourage all incoming students, if able to, to try out for. Being a part of a varsity team or intramural team gives you that ‘sense of belonging’ and ‘family’ feeling often first years look for when leaving home for the first time. Brock University changed my life for the best and I can assure you, if you choose Brock, you will not be let down!

Justine De Silva

JustineCurrent Student — Child Health
Brock offers the most welcoming community especially for those “baby badgers”. At Brock University, we are not afraid to show our Brock pride. Brock University allows students to seek opportunities to spark up their resume and make friends with similar interests. Brock provides a variety of opportunities for students living both on-campus and off-campus. Brock is a campus that has allowed me to develop friendships with other Brock students with similar interest and life-long friendships.

Being in a science program can often be difficult, however, Brock provides all the resources you need. Here at Brock University it’s not about failing but succeeding. Brock University allows students to gain experience in the areas which interest us the most through experiential learning. The Departments of Health Sciences and Child and Youth Studies at Brock University ensures students have the proper resources to be successful in their courses. Professors and Academic Advisors truly care about their students or if they want to drop in and say hello! Additionally, Brock TA’s are truly supportive as they are often open to answer additional questions as they have experience with the course.

Furthermore, Brock University provides a pedagogy environment for students to gain further knowledge within their studies fields not only in the classroom, but throughout labs. Courses at Brock have allowed me to explore different areas of interest from learning various body part experimented on the real human body, studying different bacteria, and the educational developed of children and youth. One thing I can say that I have learned throughout the courses at Brock is how these knowledge and skills can be applied throughout everyday life in a practical setting.

I am proud to call myself a Brock Badger!

Elayna Mottley

ElaynaCurrent Student — Medical Sciences, MBA-MPH
I chose to come to Brock four years ago for many reasons. First, they have amazing scholarships for incoming students that make the jump into university and any financial struggles you may be facing seem so much less daunting and I will be forever grateful for that. Another reason that I decided to choose Brock was because of the campus and location. I loved that you could get from one end of campus to another in about 10 minutes and that you could do it all inside on cold winter days and that it was in my beautiful home city of St. Catharines. We are in the Niagara Region with great summer jobs, scenery and more and it also meant I could attend university with a lot of my high school friends and have my family around which was an added bonus for me coming into first year. Finally, I decided to come to Brock because of the Med Plus program!

I was accepted into the Med Plus co-curricular program at Brock going into my first year and I can now say that it was an incredible undergraduate experience! It helped me learn about career opportunities, professional skills and even some personal skills all while making me some great friends to add to my social network helping each other through anything that may have been standing in our way throughout our degrees.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Brock and would recommend it to anyone interested in one of the many great programs offered here!

Dave Harfield

Mature student — Dramatic Arts
Deciding to go to university at 66 years old, after the passing of my wife, I was truly nervous. Feelings of being out-of-place were dominating my subconscious and though I chose Dramatic Arts for my line of study, a fantastic and encouraging department here at Brock, there was something missing to allay those negative feelings. Enter Transfer Connect – wow… …I’m not unique in my feelings, there are others who, from other schools or in more advanced years, have chosen to return to education here at Brock. It made a difference – so much of a difference, that in my third year, I chose to schedule classes around my ability to enjoy the company of new friends at Transfer Connect. Yes, it made a great difference.

Sharing challenges with others not-in-my-classes meant I got viewpoints that were distinctly different from classmates. New friends from Transfer Connect (one in particular) has strengthened my resolve to overcome challenges that I did not realize I had before entering university. Transfer Connect allows its members to share a genuine quality-time that enriches the soul. Monica Drenth has been a bulwark of enthusiasm and encouragement. Her attitude toward the group has been a point of focus to guide a group to a fulfillment beyond just the academic. It is appreciated by all.

Riya Gupta

Current student — Public Health
Transfer Connect is such an amazing and unique experience that helps you navigate through the university life, which can be challenging especially when you start in the middle of the year. I had been a part of transfer connect from January 2018 till March 2020 (before the pandemic hit). I was fortunate enough to be an ambassador for a night for the group to help encourage new students to join. Transfer connect was something I looked forward to every week because I thoroughly enjoyed myself when I went, whether we played games or supported each other through stressful midterm seasons.

At transfer connect, you connect with people from different walks of life, you might meet someone who has transferred from another university or someone who is coming back to university after many years. The experiences that you hear about in the group, truly makes you feel you are not alone. Monica and other members associated with the group work extremely hard to make us feel like we belong at Brock. The enthusiasm and positivity that she spreads in unmatched. I would encourage anyone who is transferring or even coming back after a few years to look into transfer connect and actively get involved. The skills that you learn by networking or speaking on behalf of the group or even learning from others is truly a humbling experience that cannot be replicated. As a proud Brock Alumna, I can confidently say that transfer connect has been a vital experience in shaping my university career and the skills that I have developed throughout.

Paige Judson

Current student — Nursing
I didn’t always know I wanted to go into Nursing; I started my University path out west in Neuroscience. When I decided to apply for Nursing I was so afraid I wasn’t going to get in as a transfer student. Low and behold, I was accepted to 13 nursing programs across Canada and made an Excel spreadsheet to determine what was available at each school to determine the best fit. I always kept coming back to Brock. I didn’t know the area at all, but everything that the University and the program offered was the best option! Brock is an incredible school with great faculty, a good campus size, and excellent mental health services.

This Nursing program is a rare find to be partnered with 3 large hospitals in close proximity that provide clinical placements for all four years. The on campus Nursing Lab provides a wide range of simulations and resources to adequately prepare you for the hospital. It’s okay if your path isn’t always what you initially expected, you’ll eventually end up right where you’re supposed to be. Now as I’m in my last year, that is more clear than ever; I’m incredibly grateful for the experience and opportunities I have gained by being at Brock.

Paige Judson

PaigeCurrent student — Nursing
I didn’t always know I wanted to go into Nursing; I started my University path out west in Neuroscience. When I decided to apply for Nursing I was so afraid I wasn’t going to get in as a transfer student. Low and behold, I was accepted to 13 nursing programs across Canada and made an Excel spreadsheet to determine what was available at each school to determine the best fit. I always kept coming back to Brock. I didn’t know the area at all, but everything that the University and the program offered was the best option! Brock is an incredible school with great faculty, a good campus size, and excellent mental health services.

This Nursing program is a rare find to be partnered with 3 large hospitals in close proximity that provide clinical placements for all four years. The on campus Nursing Lab provides a wide range of simulations and resources to adequately prepare you for the hospital. It’s okay if your path isn’t always what you initially expected, you’ll eventually end up right where you’re supposed to be. Now as I’m in my last year, that is more clear than ever; I’m incredibly grateful for the experience and opportunities I have gained by being at Brock.

Lisa Mochrie

Current student — Nursing
When I first stepped on Brock’s campus I instantly felt like I belonged; everyone was kind, friendly, approachable, and proud of being a Brock Badger! I learn best through hands-on learning experiences, Brock’s modern Nursing Lab, small class sizes, and the clinical placements that start in the first year provided me with the skills and knowledge I needed to become the best future registered nurse possible. The Brock Nursing Department truly cares about each of their students, and I am very thankful to have them as caring adults in my life.

I strongly recommend being involved in various clubs and initiatives at Brock as well as exploring Niagara Region. Some of my happiest memories at Brock are from being involved in the Brock Community! My four years at Brock University have been filled with amazing staff members that want to see their students succeed, a variety of ways to make a positive impact in the Brock and Niagara community, and making life-long friendships and connections with those around me. I am so grateful for Brock University as it has fostered my professional and personal growth as well as provided me with some of the best memories of my life.

Patrisha Shiga

Current student — Concurrent Education, Primary/Junior
I chose Brock because it truly was like no other university out there. From the moment I came for a tour I feel in love with the campus, the people, and the fact that as soon as you step on campus you feel at home. Brock was an opportunity for me to live away from home and truly develop myself both academically and personally. It was clear that Brock cared about their students and I wanted to attend a university that cared just as much about me as I cared about it. Choosing Brock University was by far the best decision I have made and I hope others too join the Badger family and have the experience of a life time. You will not regret it!

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