Information for Educators

As an educator ready to send countless students off to university, we know that you have many questions. Please read through the information below to stay in the loop about life at Brock.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or check out our Next Steps page for more detailed information.


Brock’s goal is to provide applicants with a clear and fair admissions process as the starting point for a truly supportive academic experience.

Due to these very unpredictable times due to COVID-19, the regular worries and anxiety that come with university application may feel higher than normal. Brock has made a commitment to assess academic achievements in the context of these obstacles.

Brock confirms that no student will be disadvantaged because of a change in plans related to their school’s necessary decisions about transcripts, the calculation of final grades, the absence of AP or IB tests, and potential delays.

Considerations in place to support our applicants during the pandemic include:

  • Flexible deadlines and intake: If applicants feel that they may not meet a deadline, they can simply reach out and connect with one of our Admission Officers. In addition to flexibility with deadlines, we also have three intakes: September, January, and May.
  • Admissions Accessibility Policy: If extenuating circumstances have had a negative impact on applicants’ academic records, they are encouraged to submit a special consideration supplement that will be considered by our Admissions Committee.

New program alert: Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice

The BA Honours in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice (FPAC) program offers an exciting opportunity to study criminal behaviour and criminal justice in a uniquely diverse way. Using the tools and perspectives of psychology, criminology, child and youth studies, and political science, students will learn about the individual, social, cultural, and systemic factors that influence criminal and aggressive behaviour, and the institutions that make up the criminal justice system.

Important Dates for 2020-21

  • Fall 2020— Students should complete the OneApp to be eligible for donor awards and bursaries. They should apply early to maximize their earning potential. Applications close April 15, 2021.
  • October 2020 and onward Sign up for an Experience Brock Information Session
  • November 9, 2020 Fall Preview, running all month
  • January 15, 2021 — Ontario secondary school applicants must submit their 101 applications by this date
  • February 5, 2021 — Visual Arts portfolios due by this date
  • February to May 2021 — Offers of admission, entrance scholarship offers and co-op offers are sent to Ontario secondary school applicants
  • February to May 2021 — Dramatic Arts Invitationals will take place during this time
  • February to May 2021 — Music audition dates will take place during this time
  • March 2021 — Starting March 1, join us for our Online Experience Series to participate in a series of interactive live webinars and sessions to experience all that Brock has to offer
  • April 1, 2021 — Applications are due for the Niagara Principal’s Scholarships (Niagara Secondary Schools only)
  • April 15, 2021 — Applications for Law Plus (our pre-law experience program), Med Plus (our unique health preparatory program), and the Brock Leaders Citizenship Awards are due
  • April 15, 2021 — Applications are due for the One App
  • June 1, 2021 — Ontario secondary school students must respond to our offer of admission by this date, and residence applications and deposits are due
  • Summer 2021 — Start your experience early. Register for Smart Start.

Resources for transferring to Brock

Are you a post-secondary staff member assisting students (academic/transfer advisor or career counsellor)?

More opportunities

Interested in having a Brock representative speak to your students or attend a pathways fair?
Contact Mike Pratas, Recruitment Officer at

Are you a college articulation/pathways coordinator interested in creating new pathways for students between our institutions?
Contact Mike Pratas, Recruitment Officer at to begin the process!

Specialist High Skills Major Programs at Your School?

We are happy to host your Specialist High Skills Major or subject-specific class for a virtual “day in the life” visit! We’ve developed a range of programs to cater to the needs of Specialist High Skills Major and subject-specific classes.

Content will include:

  • Mock lectures
  • Campus tours
  • Discussions with student leaders of academic clubs and organizations
  • Lab demonstrations/research discussions
  • Student and Alumni features
  • Co-op, Career, and Experiential Education highlights

For more information, please contact Dan Deschenes at
Interested SHSM programming for the arts? Please contact Madison Roca at

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