Classroom Teachers

Brock University is here to support you in your classroom.
This page will provide you with various resources, important dates & deadlines, and upcoming opportunities for both you and your students.

In addition to providing unique learning experiences for your students we also want to provide engaging professional development opportunities for YOU as an educator.

Are you part of an educator group/association? If there are topics that you and your members would like more information/training on we can help connect you with Brock faculty and staff to offer workshops and seminars. In addition, we encourage you to consider Brock as a destination of choice for future conferences and events. Contact us to inquire about PD opportunities and sponsorship opportunities.

You may also wish to continue YOUR education. As a working professional with a wealth of lived experience, you may be ready to re-invest in yourself. In addition to AQ/ABQ/PQP courses, experienced professionals may return to Brock for micro-credentials in a high-demand subject area, or to earn a second degree in Adult Education (usually in as few as 5 credits!)

Looking for SHSM programming?

Brock is happy to host Specialist High Skills Major or subject-specific classes for a day in the life visit.

Looking to book a group tour?

We look forward to welcoming your school group or organization for a tour of Brock University!

Applied Linguistics – Digital Linguistics Lounge

The Applied Linguistics Department has created an interactive website packed with videos, games and demos designed to introduce high school students to the study of applied linguistics. Create an avatar and walk through Brock’s digital campus, explore different careers in applied linguistics and visit research labs including the psycholinguistics and child language labs.

Visit the Digital Linguistics Lounge

STEM School Experience Program (offered through the Department of Biological Science)

The Biological Sciences Department is developing a new high school outreach program. The school experience program aims to provide students with educational experiences that inspire students to pursue STEM education and careers. School groups can participate in workshops where our staff will come to you. These workshops will provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on laboratory skills relating to the curriculum by conducting experimental projects. We can also provide a Lab-in-a-Box which includes materials required to conduct these hands-on activities in the classroom.

Workshops will consist of a ~2-hour hands-on biological experiment that aligns with the Ontario high school curriculum. These workshops will provide students with the opportunity to put their knowledge into context. Proposed topics include DNA fingerprinting, exploring antibiotic resistance, microbiology, and genetics. Facilitation and supervision of the workshops will be untaken by current and past graduate students in the department of Biological Sciences under the guidance of the program coordinator.

If your school would be interested in participating in this type of program, please e-mail Alysha Johnson We would appreciate any feedback regarding what lab topics would be of most interest to your students.

Youth University

Youth University (YouthU) offers students the chance to make the most of their visit to Brock by providing an adventure that is tailored according to their interests and classroom learning. Offering both day and overnight options, YouthU allows students to explore both Brock’s campus to its fullest extent, as well as the surrounding Niagara region.

Overnight Trips offer three distinct themes, including:

  • Leadership Camp (build skills in teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, and communication)
  • Science and Technology Camp (take part in science experiments, labs, and hands-on activities, focusing on biology, chemistry, and coding)
  • University Camp (participate in a mixture of both Leadership & Science and Technology activities)

Discovery Day programs are available to both elementary and secondary school students that opt to not stay overnight on campus. Experiences include:

  • Community Building (take part in team building, games, and the low ropes course)
  • Leadership Development (focus on team-building and activities, low and high ropes course)
  • Robotics (work together to build a bot and navigate obstacles; Grades 5-8 only)
  • Science Workshops (explore chemical reactions, electricity and circuits, and learn about sustainable resources; Grades 5-8 only)
  • Technology Workshops (learn about animation and stop-motion, try 3D modeling software and printing, give coding a try, and discover the basics of video game design; Grades 5-8)

Learn more and plan a Youth University trip to Brock

Scientifically Yours – May 2023

This two-day residential workshop provides an opportunity for students in Grades 10 and 11 learn more about science in a university setting. Attendees will learn about career opportunities from professionals who have careers in the sciences and will participate in six science and mathematics projects, gaining hands-on laboratory experience. This event also includes recreational activities, networking and an opportunity to dine with a number of professional scientists.

Participants who enroll at Brock University directly out of high school with an average of 80% or higher will receive a one-time award of $500.

Learn more about Scientifically Yours