Living at Brock

Residence at Brock

Live in Brock’s modern facilities, meet new friends and become a vital part of our community.

Residences at Brock are home to almost 2,500 students. Each of our residences has a distinct style and unique sense of community.

There are four styles of residence at Brock University

  • Traditional style residences have single and double occupancy rooms with adjoining lounges for six and shared washrooms. Students will purchase a meal plan.
  • Semi-suite style residences have single and double occupancy rooms with adjoining washrooms. Students will purchase a meal plan.
  • Townhouse style residences offer the convenience of living on-campus with a more independent lifestyle. Students will purchase a meal plan, and also have the option of cooking their own meals.
  • Suite style residences have single rooms in multi-occupancy units. Students in Lofts (Block 9) will purchase a meal plan, and also have the option of cooking their own meals.

Take a look inside our residences

Brock Suites is a residence complex at Brock that is only for upper year and grad students. Brock Suites operates differently than other residence buildings. It will not have Residence Life Staff. Students will not be subject to Winter Closure or some of the other procedures and policies that are in place in other Brock residences.

Learn more about Brock Suites at

Brock’s residence guarantee

Brock is pleased to guarantee a space in residence to all new, full-time undergraduate students beginning in Fall 2021, who meet our residence application conditions.

  • A full summary of conditions and criteria may be found at prior to the application opening
  • The residence guarantee applies only if both the residence application and fee are received by June 1, 2021

* Brock has historically accommodated all incoming students who met our published residence guarantee. This is our goal for Fall 2021, however; given these uncertain times, we may be required to adjust the guarantee criteria. We commit to updating our applicants as changes are made and we encourage you to visit for the most up-to-date information.

Here’s a quick tutorial from 2020 on how to apply for residence at Brock (Updated video coming soon)

Do you have an admission average of 90% or higher?

Tell us where you’d like to live! Incoming students with an admission average of 90% or higher may choose which of our residences they would like to live in during their first year at Brock. In order to do so, simply follow normal application procedures, then be sure to email prior to June 1, 2021 to indicate your preference.

Important Links

For more information on paying your residence application fee, visit the payment FAQ page.

Visit the FAQ page for the residence application fee

For more information on residence at Brock University, visit the Department of Residences website.

For information on meal plans and dining at Brock University, visit the Dining Services website.

Off-Campus Living

Planning on commuting to Brock? Here are some tips to keep in mind!

Brock University’s Off-Campus Living office offers year-round housing information to students, landlords, and residents in the Niagara region. The office provides resources regarding a variety of off-campus housing topics, such as finding accommodations, landlord/tenant issues, neighbourhood relations, community outreach, and much more.

Learn more about Off-Campus Living at Brock

The student experience at Brock

Athletics and Intramurals

Few institutions in Canada can compare to the high level of athletic achievement of Brock University. With numerous provincial and national championships, the Brock Badgers ended their last season with several new titles to add to their growing list.

Visit for more information

Want to be active at Brock, but you’re not a star athlete? More than 6,500 students take part in our intramural programs — from soccer and flag football to inner tube water polo and underwater hockey.

Visit Recreation Services for more information

Student Life at Brock

Brock has always been a place for well-rounded people to nurture both sides of their brain. Yes, both sides. Not just the academic side of your brain, the one that you take to your classes, but the other side too. The side of the brain that drives your passions outside of the classroom.

At Brock, these diverse passions are not only welcomed but celebrated, and students can become better versions of themselves. We are not numbers; we are individuals encouraged to make our own marks, and develop both sides of our brain.

Learn more about Student Life at Brock

Student Services at Brock

Brock’s Student Services help support and promote the present and future well-being of students, while providing an exceptional student experience both inside and outside the classroom.

They enhance student development and success through innovative programs, services and partnerships. They help to create a community that is accessible to all, one where diversity is celebrated and good citizenship is valued. Brock offers an enriched, safe, inclusive environment where you become part of a vibrant community.

Learn more about Student Services at Brock