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Program Name: Sciences (BSc)
Expected Cut-off: Mid 70s
Program Description: If you wish to pursue a pattern of study that does not coincide with a single or combined major program, you may choose the General Studies option. You’ll identify two subject areas, with the majority of credits earned in programs offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Science.
If you enter Brock in the BSc Bachelor of Science - Sciences program, you may apply to major in another discipline after successfully completing Year 1.

Students who complete a BSc Bachelor of Science - Sciences program may find employment opportunities in a wide variety of areas, depending on the specific courses that you choose to take.
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Entrance Requirements: SCH4U (min. 70%), MHF4U or MCV4U (min. 70%). Strongly recommended subject: ENG4U.
Faculty: Faculty of Mathematics & Science
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Campus: St. Catharines
Level: Undergraduate studies