Theme 3: Getting Involved

The best thing you can do at Brock is get involved.
Being a Brock student isn't just about academics — it's as much about life outside the classroom as it is inside. Keep reading to learn more about how you can fully participate in the Brock community.


Brock University is proud to offer, create and fulfill meaningful experiences that help our students build and understand their skills, our business and community partners prosper, and our faculty bring learning to life. The CareerZone portal includes co-op, job postings, experiential courses/offerings, co-curricular programs, events, career appointments and more! The portal further supports faculty and business/community partners with their needs for engaging students both inside and outside the classroom. Welcome to CareerZone. Come on in.

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Brock Badgers

Brock Badgers

Few institutions in Canada have attained Brock’s high level of athletic achievement. Our athletes, coaches and staff are all recognized as leaders in sport.

With more than 92 Provincial Championships and 50 National Championships, we are the Badgers!

We can't wait to have you back, Badgers fans!

Brock International

International Mobility Programs

Experience the world through Brock. Add an international edge to your degree through an exchange, summer study, internship, or other international program and broaden your horizons. In-person and virtual opportunities available!

An exchange student at Stonehenge
An exchange student in front of some mountains
An exchange student after a hike in the desert
  • You can participate in our programs as early as 2nd year. Start planning now!
  • I cannot participate because I only speak English: False!
    • The vast majority of opportunities abroad are conducted in English, including courses at our partner universities. However, learning a new language is one of the benefits of participating in an international experience.
  • It’s too expensive to participate: False!
    • Some international mobility programs, such as Exchange, allow you to continue paying your Brock tuition fees (in CAD). There are also other opportunities where the fees are discounted for Brock students. Additional funding support may be available for select programs.
    • Virtual opportunities are also a great cost saving opportunity, as you do not need to travel to the destination.
  • Participating will prolong my graduation: False!
    • There are a variety of international opportunities available which include exchanges, internships, short-term programs, field courses, and more, many which include academic credit.
  • I’ve never travelled before so my lack of experience limits what I can participate in: False!
    You can choose from a variety of destinations and programs to match your comfort level, including group travel through Brock. Virtual/on-campus opportunities are also a great way to gain international/inter-cultural experience without travelling.

Brock International Services Events & Programs

Here at Brock International Services (BIS), our mission is to ensure all Brock students – International and Canadian – get the most out of their studies and experience. We do this by organizing events and programming as well as offering services to students.

Fun Fact: All of the events we host are open to all Brock University students at Brock including domestic and international!

This program matches International students with upper-year mentors to create a sense of community and be a guide to all things Brock. Students will be put in a group where they will participate in weekly check-ins, activities and opportunities throughout the year. Your mentors will also connect you with student life, introduce you to services, and assist in building a network of peers on campus.

Global Peers Program

This program pairs up Brock students who are interested in learning or teaching a new language. Are you interested in learning about different cultures, while helping a fellow Brock student practice their conversation skills in a new language? Perhaps you’re interested in learning a new language? If so, you should sign up for our Conversation Partner Program.

Brock students walking in South Block

Brock International hosts social, cultural, and fun activities to keep students engaged throughout the year. We also offer several events designed to increase your cultural competency and succeed in today’s workplace. These events range from an International Education week to Culture Fest to winery trips and much more.

Brock International Virtual Events

Brock University Students' Union

The Brock University Students’ Union, also known simply as BUSU, is your voice and representation at Brock. Our mission is to enhance your student experience, represent all undergraduate students, and to help you maximize your time at Brock. Your experience will extend well beyond the classroom, and that’s where we come in. We offer services, run events all year long, operate several businesses to provide the best value to you and provide student jobs, oversee student clubs on campus, and much more. With over 100 clubs, BUSU offers lots of opportunities to get involved and meet like-minded badgers.

Off-Campus Communities

Off-Campus Communities bring together incoming students from the same Faculty, similar academic programs, and personal interests into small groups and are a place you can connect with other first year students, make friends, attend virtual events, ask questions and learn about resources.

Learn more about Off-Campus Communities

BU4U Engagement Icon

ExperienceBU and Campus Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC)


Get Involved. Get Connected. Experience Brock University!

ExperienceBU is your gateway to the Brock experience. Find and connect with student clubs and organizations, events, workshops, communities, services and supports, and co-curricular experiences. If it is happening at Brock, it is on ExperienceBU!

And it’s only a click away. Check out what’s happening on or in the Brock University Mobile App and get involved!

Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum

While you are getting involved at Brock, why not get recognized? Showcase your involvement and skill development to potential employers. Complete domains in the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC) to earn recognition on the Brock University Certificate of Engagement. Getting involved is easy - start by logging into

Not sure how to start getting involved?

Then let the CWC Getting Started track be your guide!

If you complete all the experiences on the track in your first year, you will be more than 1/3 of the way through the CWC! How great is that! Learn more at

The CWC getting started track

Goodman Group/Venture Development

Rooted in Niagara with global reach, Goodman Group brings together the expertise and experience from Brock University’s Goodman School of Business to support professionals, businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether your business is just an idea or has been around for decades, Goodman Group will help you grow and develop your team, your business, and your bottom line.

As the Goodman School of Business’ community-focused learning and development services provider, our initiatives aim to support our clients and community partners. Goodman Group helps to take your career, business, and idea to the next level through:

  • Accredited professional development courses
  • Consulting services
  • Executive education programs
  • Startup support: We are committed to providing entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with high quality advice, exceptional service and innovative solutions based on a thorough understanding of their business idea and objectives. Our approach to taking your business idea to the next level begins with a time-tested process that discovers and addresses your needs.
Kick-starting Entrepreneurship Program
Consulting Pathway Program

Human Rights and Equity

We are a resource for all Brock community members to provide information, education, assistance, and advice on issues related to human rights, harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Human Rights and Equity works with many other departments and services on campus to prevent harassment and discrimination from occurring and to quickly address incidents as they arise. We assist community members with issues of harassment and discrimination and help guide them to understand the range of options available to resolve the situation.