Course Registration

Join Courtney as they give more information on course registration at Brock.

All information about your courses should be available on Brightspace ( through the syllabus and/or via your Brock Student Email ( → click Outlook).

All of your courses should have a tab in Sakai where you will find lecture slides, links to live lectures, etc.  You will have to login (top right corner) with your Brock Campus ID and password (same as for and your Brock Student Email).

Some courses may not appear on your Sakai page until the first day of classes.  The professor may be making changes to the site and unpublished it for the time being.  To double check, you can click “Sites” in the top right corner and favourite all of your courses so they show along the top bar.  Please note, cross-listed courses may appear under a different course code (e.g. CRIM 1F90 as SOCI 1F90).