Theme 4: University Prep

Your first day of classes is quickly approaching — we've got your back.
Below you'll find more information about the tools and services you can use to ensure you're ready for your first year as a Brock Badger.

Chat with our team

We're here to help even after classes have started!  If you have questions during your first few weeks of class, use Unibuddy to speak with a member of the Smart Start team!

Important Dates (Fall)

September 6

  • First day of classes (D1 first half, D2)

September 19

  • Last day for registration (D1/D2)

November 7

  • Last day to withdraw from D2 course (without academic penalty)

December 5

  • Last day of lectures (D1 first half, D2)

Important Dates (Winter)

January 8

  • First day of classes (D1 second half, D3)

January 19

  • Last day for registration (D3)

January 19

  • Last day to withdraw from D1 course (without academic penalty)

March 8

  • Last day to withdraw from D3 course (without academic penalty)

April 5

  • Last day of lectures (D1, D3)

Your Brock Email

As a Brock student,  you should be using your official Brock Student Email.  Your account is the only way we can verify that you are you!

All communications about classes, residence, Brock Card, etc. will be sent to your student email only.  So check it regularly and be sure to use that account for all emails related to your career at Brock.

Smart Start Pro Tip: Add your Brock email to your phone and turn on push notifications so you never miss a message!

Now that you're checking your account, let's talk about email etiquette.  Remember, email is not like texting, so proper greetings and pleasantries are required.  You always want to provide the necessary information and reason for your request in the initial email, and do so with respect.  Think of your student email as a professional or work email!

Smart Start Pro Tips:

  • Start email with a pleasant greeting and the instructor or department name.
    (e.g. Good morning, Dr. Brock or Hello Prof. Isaac.)
  • Provide relevant information about yourself/the situation
    (e.g. the class you are enrolled in, the assignment you are asking about, etc.)
  • Allow at least 1-business day for reply.  Do not expect a response late at night or on the weekend, and always ensure you are asking questions about assignments/exams in advance of the deadline.
  • Thank the person for their time and sign off with your full name, program/year, and or student ID.
Email topic Bad idea Good idea
Needing help with course content I don't know what we are doing in class and need you to help me right away with this.


Hello Professor Brock,

My name is Brad and I am in your course BRCK 1P01. When I was reviewing the content from our latest module I was having a difficult time understanding some
I was wondering if there are any additional resources that you would recommend I look at to understand the content and if we would be able to meet to go over the content.


Program/Year of Study

Asking for an extension (Sending this email 10 minutes before the 11:59 p.m. deadline)

Hey. I need an extension for our assignment that's due tonight.

(Sending this email 1 week before the deadline)

Dear Dr. Brock,

My name is Boomer and I am in your course BRCK 1P01. I am writing this email to you to request an extension on our upcoming assignment due September 30, 2020. Explaining why the extension is being requested.

If you need any other information or would like to discuss further, please let me know.

Thank you in advance!

Program/Year of Study

Questions about a mark received Why did I only get a 61% on this assignment. I worked very hard on it and this totally isn't the mark I should get. Please get back to me.


Hello Professor Brock,

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Boomer and I am in your course BRCK 1P01. I am writing this email to ask if we would be able to meet sometime this week to review my most recent assignment as I had a few questions to ask. I have reviewed the feedback and would appreciate any additional insight that you would be able to provide.
I am available the following day(s)/time(s) but would be able to make other time available if there is a certain day/time that works best for you.


Program/Year of Study

Course Registration

Having trouble with course registration or need more helpful information?

Looking for more information about finances or OSAP?


Don't know what to bring with you to residence? The Brock Residence website outlines the do's and don'ts when it comes to furniture and appliances!

Want to make sure you're ready for first year?

Co-op, Career and Experiential Education (CCEE)

First Year Co-op Experience

Co-op will be hosting a series of 1st Year Programming Events throughout the 2022/2023 Academic Year which will allow incoming co-op students to explore and discover their talents and strengths during their first year to better prepare for their Co-op Journey.

Campus Store

How to buy your textbooks

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Stay Connected

Stay connected with everything Brock has to offer by checking out the directory. Here you can find websites to bookmark and social media handles to follow.

Visit the Brock University directory

Sites to Save

As a Brock Student, there are a few sites you will frequently visit. The Smart Start team has put together a list to help you get started bookmarking!