Tips for incoming Humanities students

Please note: These tips were put together for Fall/Winter registration in 2019. They will be reviewed and revised for 2020.

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Students entering the Humanities in the first year exploratory program are encouraged to declare a major in their first year of study, after having the opportunity to discover the different options available. Below is a guide to help you select your courses.

Please note that each major has a list of requirements in the calendar. Advisers are available to assist you in choosing a major, declaring it and developing a path to move forward.

Students admitted to the first year Humanities take the following:

  • 3.0 elective credits, at least 1.0 credit in the major they wish to pursue.
  • 1.0 Social Science context credit
  • 1.0 Science context credit

Learn more about context credits

HUMA 1P50: The Master Student

What does it mean to study the Humanities? What is Humanities scholarship and how do we engage with it? How are you a part of the Humanities? This brand-new course from the Faculty of Humanities will help you explore what it means to be a Humanities student as you transition into the unique university environment.

Learn more about HUMA 1P50

Choose your courses

We recommend the following courses:

  • ENGL 1F91
  • ENGL 1F95
  • ENGL 1F97
  • WRDS 1F90
  • LATI 1F00 (no knowledge of LATI required, ancient LATI)
  • GREE 1F00 (no knowledge of GREE required, ancient GREE)
  • PHIL 1F90
  • ITAL 1F00 (no knowledge of ITAL required)
  • ITAL 1F90 (some knowledge of ITAL required)
  • ITAL 1P96 (culture and civilization course)
  • FREN 1F00 (Introductory French I, for students with limited or no background in French. Maximum French courses: Gr. 9 French)
  • FREN 1F50 (Introductory French II, prerequisites include Ontario Gr. 10 or 11 French)
  • FREN 1F90 (Intermediate French, prerequisites include 4 U/M French, Francais, French Immersion or permission of the department. **Students with 4 U/M French are encouraged to also enrol in FREN 1Y91 and 1Y92 to assist with study and grammar skills)
  • SPAN 1F00 (no knowledge of SPAN required)
  • SPAN 1F90 (some knowledge of SPAN required)
  • GERM 1F00 (no knowledge of GERM required)
  • GERM 1F90 (some knowledge of GERM required)
  • MAND 1P00 (no knowledge of MAND required)
  • CLAS 1P94
  • DART 1P91
  • DART 1P92
  • MUSI 1F10

We recommend the following courses:

  • CLAS 1P95 (If you are interested in Classical Studies, LATI 1F00 or GREE 1F00 strongly recommended)
  • CLAS 1P97 (If you are interested in Classical Studies, LATI 1F00 or GREE 1F00 strongly recommended)
  • MARS 1F90
  • INTC 1F90
  • VISA 1Q98
  • IASC 1F02
  • WRDS 1F90
  • ENGL 1F91
  • CANA 1F91
  • PHIL 1F90
  • PHIL 1F91
  • PHIL 1F94 (please don’t take more than 1.0 PHIL first year credit)

We recommend the following courses:

  • HIST 1F92
  • HIST 1F95
  • HIST 1P97
  • MARS 1F90
  • CLAS 1P91 (If you are interested in Classical Studies, LATI 1F00 or GREE 1F00 strongly recommended)
  • CLAS 1P92 (If you are interested in Classical Studies, LATI 1F00 or GREE 1F00 strongly recommended)
  • CANA 1F91
  • VISA 1Q99
  • MUSI 1F10

You need to know:

  • Meet with an Academic Adviser in your first year.
  • Declare your major by the end of your first year.

Faculty of Humanities major options
(combined majors also possible):

  • Canadian Studies (combined major only)
  • Ancient Art and Archaeology
  • Classical Languages
  • Classical Studies
  • Dramatic Arts (audition required)
  • English Language and Literature
  • English and Creative Writing (portfolio required)
  • Writing Rhetoric and Discourse Studies
  • History
  • Interactive Arts and Sciences
  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies (combined major only)
  • Music (audition required)
  • French Studies
  • Hispanic and Latin American Studies (combined major only)
  • Italian Studies (Honours level only available as a combined major)
  • Philosophy
  • History of Art and Visual Culture
  • Studio Art (portfolio required)
  • Studies in Arts and Culture