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Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

The health of people, families, organizations and communities is a shared and fundamental responsibility.

We are dedicated to the goal of understanding health, broadly defined, in order to help gain, maintain and restore it. In any of our programs, you’ll experience a unique blend of theory and practice combined with the kind of professional preparation to take you wherever you want to go in your career.

Nursing students
Students learning about anatomy
Nursing students
Students learning about anatomy
The General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Brock Sport Management alumnus
A teacher candidate at Brock
A student teacher interacting with students

Faculty of Education

The world needs future-ready educators. If you’re driven to help people reach their full potential and want to join a community that is passionate about teaching and learning, come to Brock.

Our programs prepare you for the career you want because they are grounded in research and proven in practice. You can personalize your experience and gain a competitive advantage with specialized courses, experiential education opportunities and professional development activities.

Whether working with preschool children, engaging in K-12 teaching, leading adult learners or participating in the broader educational industry, our graduates make an impact in every sector of society. We know a great teacher makes all the difference. That teacher can be you.

A teacher candidate at Brock
A student teacher interacting with students
Education at Brock

Goodman School of Business

Studying business at Brock goes beyond balance sheets and bottom lines. Here, we help develop tomorrow’s business leaders who are ready to think critically, adapt to changing business landscapes and look beyond geographic boundaries.

The Goodman School of Business is committed to providing you with the opportunities you need to succeed, having undergone a tremendous period of growth to enhance the physical space and academic offerings. With recent re-accreditation from AACSB and CPA Ontario, we ensure that you will receive a level of excellence in business education that meets rigorous standards.

At Goodman, you will be able to build a global perspective through Goodman’s international partnerships and develop your leadership skills through our many clubs and competitions. We provide hands-on experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom, that will help you launch your career.

Experience success. Get there with Goodman.

A Goodman School of Business student
Goodman Beta Gamma Sigma recipients
A Goodman School of Business student
Goodman Beta Gamma Sigma recipients
Goodman students
A Humanities student testing out a VR system
A Humanities student exploring our historic archives

Faculty of Humanities

An education in the Humanities gives you the skills for not just one job, but for any job. Our programs encourage proficiency in writing, speaking, problem-solving, critical thinking, as well as training in research, synthesis and analysis of information. Many of our programs provide hands-on training in practice and performance.

Our varied programs allow you the chance to explore the foundations of the human experience, while gaining the fundamentals for any future endeavours. Research demonstrates that Humanities graduates possess desirable employment traits and are hired at rates equivalent to those in professionally oriented programs.

A Humanities student testing out a VR system
A Humanities student exploring our historic archives
Humanities students studying

Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts

Our state-of-the-art learning space in downtown St. Catharines is a dynamic hub of creative and intellectual activity in Niagara. Facilities and programming at the Walker School and the adjacent FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre provide exceptional opportunities for creativity and research in unique learning environments.

Whether pursuing a major, minor or elective, you’ll fulfil your creative and professional aspirations by participating in exhibitions, performances and concerts. Award-winning faculty, staff and guest artists are passionate about contributing to your understanding of the world through the study of culture and the humanities, and the production of new artistic work.

Dramatic arts students
Music students
Dramatic arts students
Music students
Visual Arts students
A student putting on their PPE
A student working in our greenhouse

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

We’ll provide you with the solid foundation in scientific knowledge and critical thinking that today’s employers, graduate schools and professional schools demand.

You’ll pursue your studies through practical experiences in labs, co-ops, internships and field trips. We offer small class sizes and the ability to learn alongside award-winning professors using state-of-the-art equipment.

We’ll prepare you for a future in medical school, dentistry, graduate studies or countless other opportunities.

A student putting on their PPE
A student working in our greenhouse
Game programming students

Faculty of Social Sciences

Programs in the Social Sciences will prepare you for any number of career paths, as well as professional or graduate studies in various fields. You’ll gain the skills that employers value, including how to think critically and argue persuasively, as well as expertise in methods of research, data analysis and interpretation.

We offer many progressive study options based in traditional social science disciplines and unique interdisciplinary subjects. This allows you to study what you want and to explore the many interests that you have.

A smiling Social Sciences student
Students in a hearing lab
A smiling Social Sciences student
Students in a hearing lab
A student and professor in a lab
Graduate students
Some of our Graduate students

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

  • Applied Gerontology, MAG *Pending approval
  • Applied Health Sciences, MA, MSc, PhD
  • Business Administration & Public Health, MBA/MPH (Concurrent degrees)
  • Professional Kinesiology, MPK
  • Public Health, MPH

Faculty of Education

  • Education, MEd, MEd ISP*
  • Educational Studies (Joint program), PhD

Goodman School of Business

  • Accountancy, MAcc, MPAcc ISP*
  • Accountancy, Graduate Diploma
  • Business Administration, MBA, MBA ISP*
  • Business Administration, Graduate Diploma
  • Business Administration & Public Health, MBA/MPH (Concurrent degrees)
  • Management, MSc

Faculty of Humanities

  • Classics, MA
  • English, MA
  • History, MA
  • Interdisciplinary Humanities, PhD
  • Philosophy, MA
  • Studies in Comparative Literatures and Arts, MA

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

  • Biological Sciences, MSc, PhD
  • Biotechnology, MSc, PhD
  • Chemistry, MSc, PhD
  • Computer Science, MSc
  • Earth Sciences, MSc
  • Mathematics and Statistics, MSc
  • Materials Physics, MSc ISP*
  • Physics, MSc, PhD

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Applied Disability Studies, MA, MADS, Graduate Diploma
  • Applied Linguistics, MA Bridged Entry, MA Direct Entry
  • Business Economics, MBE
  • Child and Youth Studies, MA, PhD
  • Critical Sociology, MA
  • Geography, MA
  • Political Science, MA
  • Popular Culture, MA
  • Psychology, MA, PhD
  • Social Justice and Equity Studies, MA
  • Sustainability, MS

At Brock University, a combination of dedicated researchers, award-winning faculty and outstanding facilities provide an enriched environment for the pursuit of your graduate degree. The transdisciplinary nature of our graduate programs allows for outstanding collaborations between graduate students and faculty.

With more than 50 programs, there is something for everyone at Brock. We offer an array of specializations, co-op opportunities and study options, such as research-based, course-based and professional programs.

Graduate students
Some of our Graduate students
Graduate students in a lab

More Programs and Services

Questions about residence at Brock?
Wondering about student awards and tuition?

We’ve got all the answers you need, plus lots more information from services all across Brock University.
We’re here to help!

  • Aboriginal Student Services
  • Alumni
  • Brock Central
  • Brock Recreation
  • Brock Sports
  • BU4U
  • Brock University Students’ Union
  • Campus Security
  • Campus Store
  • Co-op, Career and Experiential Education
    • Med Plus
    • Law Plus
  • Dining Services
  • ExperienceBU and the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum
  • Human Rights and Equity Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • International
  • Library
  • Ombuds Office
  • Residence
  • Student Accounts and Financial Aid
  • Student Life and Success
  • Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre
A smiling Brock student surrounded by Brock balloons
Boomer the Badger
A smiling Brock student surrounded by Brock balloons
Boomer the Badger
Statue of Maj. Gen. Sir Isaac Brock
Students in the Learning Commons
Graduands at Convocation


You’ve seen all that Brock University has to offer.

Let’s make it official — learn more about admissions and apply to Brock.

Students in the Learning Commons
Graduands at Convocation
A student working on a computer

Tours and experiences

We might not be able to meet in person, but this is the next best thing.

Take part in a live guided virtual tour, or tune in to one of our live special events.

Students chatting in the hallway
A student walking outside at Brock
Students chatting in the hallway
A student walking outside at Brock
Students at the annual Grape Stomp

Brock by the numbers

#1 in Mental Health

#1 in Mental Health
Maclean’s University Rankings 2022

#2 in student satisfaction

#1 in Ontario for
student satisfaction
Maclean’s University Rankings 2022

96% Graduate Success

96% Graduate Success
Brock has one of the highest rates of graduate employment

Top 5 in Co-op Offerings

Top 5 in diversity of
co-op programs
offered in Ontario

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We know that right now you’re deciding what universities you should put on your application, so we’ve gathered some exceptional Brock students and alumni to share their stories of why they made the decision to come to Brock.

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